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Mar 22, 2013 07:37 PM

Us Restaurant & Lounge (412 Main St., Middletown, CT)

Another new restaurant doin' my hometown proud--and yet another one for your gotta-get-there list. Formerly Titanium (previously Firehouse, and back in the day Camp's), this is one gorgeous space with some great food and warm, welcoming service to go with.

Nice, moist cornbread with fresh biscuits in the breadbasket to start (some came home with me for tomorrow), flaky beef empanadas, sneaky hot jerk chicken spring rolls with a mango dipping sauce and a killer southern fried chicken salad with candied walnuts, goat cheese and dried cranberries--all OUTSTANDING. And this is only their first week! I look forward to getting back for lunch very soon.



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  1. I've been watching the progress while walking by...didn't know they had officially opened. Is it "us" as in we, or as in United States?

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      From their "about" page:

      ‘Us’ represents a symbiotic meld between black American heritage and West Indian culture expressed through ambiance, sound and fine cuisine. Our meals are centered on a narrative—we gather with purpose and express the joys, the sorrows and the love that brings ‘Us’ together.


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        geeze....somebody is fresh from a creative writing class from a community college

        1. re: BiscuitBoy

          Maybe you can offer to rewrite it for them for a free meal or bar credit?! Seriously, just try the food.