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Modern Italian?

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Dear All

We are a couple of Aussie hitting NYC again for 3 nights in May. I'm hoping to lock in Per Se (again) for our last night and Spark's Steakhouse for a trip down memory lane on our first night.

I really enjoy "modern Italian" - but don't really want to open a can of worms on what constitutes "Modern Italian" - a look over past posts seems to lean to traditional Italian or "like Nonna used to make"! We'll be staying in Midtown but happy to travel - could I possibly ask for some recommendations?

Alternatively we might like to consider something a little different - and had been recommended Beauty and Essex by some colleagues - any comments?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Best wishes from Downunder!

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  1. Lincoln
    Del Posto
    Ai Fiori
    Torrisi Italian Specialties
    Salumeria Rosi (Madison Avenue)

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    1. re: MrGrumpy

      +1 for Ai Fiori.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Many thanks for the responses - now the hard part - deciding which one!

        1. re: tony_brisbane

          BTW would any of these suggestions offer a menu degustatione?

          1. re: tony_brisbane

            Most of them, yes. Certainly: Lincoln, Marea, Ai Fiori, del Posto.

            You can view their menus online.

            1. re: tony_brisbane

              I went to Marea for lunch yesterday and I had a really outstanding meal...
              For what it's worth, as an Italian I rate it as my favorite modern italian restaurant in NY..

      2. SD26
        Ai Fiori

        1. been to all listed below skip marea, rest are good, go to L apicio, run dont walk loll enjoy

          1. Marea
            Ai Fiori

            1. I'll second Marea, Ai Fiori, and Lincoln.

              Lincoln could be interesting for you, as it's the former chef from Per Se - Jonathan Benno. Don't know when you were last at PS, but it might have been during his reign.

              I'll add Babbo - my current favorite Italian in the city. More of a mix between modern and traditional, though. Del Posto could say the same for.

              The most modern degustation currently, if you want to do a big blow-out, is Blanca in Brooklyn - but rezzies are VERY hard to come by. They open the reservation line again on April 1 at exactly 9AM our time, so you'd want to be on the phone at 8:58, and prepared to redial over and over if you don't get through - http://www.blancanyc.com/