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Mar 22, 2013 04:49 PM

New taqueria in Tallahassee? Pensacola and Cap Circle

I noticed a new sign on what was a convenience store (they took the pumps out) at the corner of Pensacola and Cap Circle NW. I think it says Tienda Mexicana Taqueria. There were a bunch of cars parked out front. I couldn't tell if it's open yet. Anyone know about this? (I'm excited, because it's near my office.)

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  1. It's really good. I tried one of each of their tacos and my favorite was the beef tongue taco. They are more of a traditional mexican taqueria then anything else. No crunchy tacos or burritos just yet. The owner says he plans on adding a lot more food in the future. Go try one of their Sopas so friggin good.

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      Do they have seating inside the place or is it just take away?