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Mar 22, 2013 04:35 PM

pie plate covers

I am looking for plastic snap covers for 9" glass pie plates. We want to eat our dinner in glass and not plastic plates, but I cook ahead and put in fridge and so far we use plastic. Can't find glass micro dinner plates w/ lids anywhere, so figured a nice clear glass inexpensive 9" pie plate would be perfect, but I want to stack them on top of each other to save space and need the lids to cover and also stack. Have looked everywhere online.

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  1. You should look for metal plate covers. Like they use in hospitals or hotels (room service) They might be higher than you like but should cover your pie plate and allow you to stack in the fridge. Eg:

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      thanks, its a good idea, but I need a soft rubbery kind that seals, like the ones on bowls.

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        I hope you haven't invested in the pie plates yet. What you need is a food container that already has a plastic cover system.

        Such as these corning dishes:

        Or these:

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          thank you for the idea PDX, actually I had the same idea and went to Walmart, and found just what I wanted, which is similar to what you suggested, a rectangle glass Pyrex 6 c. container with a vented lid. The reason I was looking for these was that I am 80 years old and by evening, am too tired to cook. But my daughter who is living with me and I love home cooked, nourishing meals every day, so I usually putter around after coffee in the mornings, fix a nice meal, and put in the containers, stack in fridge for night. Also, I eat about 8PM and she eats about l0 or so ( night owl), so its best we have our own times to eat, watch a program on TV or whatever we want to do. I got used to eating alone anyway after I lost my husband. We hated the taste and health issues of the plastic containers and this was the answer. Sometimes I even make two dinners if the next day or so will be busy with errands and such. Here is the link.

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            I wanted to attach a photo of our nice meals in one of these kinds of plates, but the info says there is an "attach photo" at the bottom of the page. I don't see that anywhere. Can anyone tell me where it is or if this is possible.

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              OH, NEVER MIND, I see it, its in the reply link. Chowhound's FAQ was not clear and didn't say this. This is how we fix our meals for evening. I always have at least 2 veggies, this was brown rice and a piece of fish, then a salad if we want it. Just sharing. We eat whole grains, about 3 veggie meals a week, etc.

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                Lovely. I find it much easier to cook in the morning, too. Scratch slow cooker meals work good for this.

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                  Mm looks good. Make another one for me, ok? :o)