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Mar 22, 2013 04:26 PM

Cambridge, Medford, Somerville - Cheap and Craveable

My friend and I are visiting the Cambridge, Medford, Somerville area thinking that we might move there over the summer. We're looking to find a replacement for our current "crave" spots; the kind of space where you can get a lot of delicious food for $7 or so, and that you "need" to go a couple of times a month.
Any ideas?

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  1. Doowee and Rice. Vietnamese/Asian flavors - diff meats on rice or fluffy buns, plus dishes like spicy chicken bits and fries with salty chicken hearts. Their marinated beef noodles is my current "crave" food - I've been eating it once every week or two since I found it.

    Some photos are on their site:

    You might also check out the takeout thread currently being updated - some good options there.

    1. Wang's Chinese Food in Magoon Square on the Somerville/Medford border. We go about 3 times a month.

      Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis Square.

      1. Tenoch in Medford.....great Mexican.

        1. I second both Dowee & Rice and Tenoch. Would also add Greek Corner for gyros. And Deli-icious is a good place for large and tasty sandwiches for cheap, although not somewhere I go regularly, so not sure how craveable I find it! For a bit more $ (~$10), I often crave Highland Kitchen's burger (meat or veggie), and their other sanwiches are good too. (All of my additional suggestions are in Somerville.)