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Mar 22, 2013 04:17 PM

Leftover wild rice

I'm roasting some venison tenderloins tomorrow night, and I've got some leftover wild rice. Can I cook that up in a casserole somehow?

All ideas welcome, and thanks!

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  1. Don't have any casserole points for you, but will say that leftover wild rice (or wild rice/brown rice mixes) make a lovely bed for poultry-based Asian stirfries.

    1. you could add roasted root veggies such as carrots, butternut squash and the like and add chicken stock.
      Bring it together in baking dish and garnish with parsley.

      1. I like a mushroom casserole made with wild rice: sautee the mushrooms, make a white sauce (or use a can of cream of mushroom soup, but IMHO wild rice deserves better) mix them together and heat through. If you have some leftover meat add that for a substantial meal.

        1. Leftover wild rice mixed with small cubes of winter/kabocha squash in a dressing with herbs makes a nice salad.

          1. saute some onions and garlic. combine with rice with a little egg. spread in a casserole dish. bake for 10 minutes or so until just cooked on the top. add other stuff on top -- use it as a crust...