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Party of 14 - La Sirene or Louro

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Any thoughts between these two?

Looking to spend ~$60 a person sans alcohol.

La Sirene has a Pre fixe that starts at 50, and Ill be bringing the wine

Louro, possibly better food, but corkage would be $25 a pop (i would absorb this).

Is Louro that much more outstanding for a birthday party that it would justify my personal cost? Any experiences with a party this large at either


*EDIT* It will actually be 12, and the la sirene pre fixes are at $55/$60 without tax/gratuity.

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  1. La Sirene is a tight space for 14 .. it would be a long narrow table

    1. Love La Sirene. Was just there last week for my cassoulet fix. But it's not on the same level as Louro, which is really a 2star place. Both are a bit tight for a large group. But if you're looking to economize, the BYOB at La Sirene ends up saving you an awful lot of money with a large group.

      1. I had a birthday dinner at Louro last weekend--a party of 17. They gave us 2 tables that together comprised a long table. It was plenty of room and very comfortable.

        The food was awesome--as I expected. We all shared a number of appetizers and everyone had a main course and we shared desert. The price including 2 bottles of champagne that we purchased from the restaurant and corkage for the wine we brought was about $80 per person including tax but before tip.

        The service was superb.

        I have never eaten at La Sirene so can't compare but Louro did a great job and the price was, in my opinion, quite reasonable.

        1. I've also never been to La Sirene, but can vouch for Louro. Absolutely wonderful, and they do seem to handle large parties very well.

          1. As much I really liked La Sirene, I'm not convinced they could handle a group that large. The night we were there, there was one server. She was great, but definitely harried.

            1. I went back and pulled my bill. The cost per person for food only (not including corkage, beverages, service and tax) came out to less than $50 per person. I knew it was a good value but did not realize how good.

              1. Louro it is! WIll report back with the results.

                In general, what are your thoughts on bringing in wine with a corkage fee of $25, will I save some $$ in the long run if I brought ~4 bottles in myself?

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                  It depends on the type/costs of wines that you bring.

                  I've not seen Louro's wine list, but if you're bringing in, say, $20-per bottles, and Louro's has similar quality wines at $40 - $50, I'd give the business to Louro and buy from their list.

                  If you bring in wines that are near-and-dear to you and your guests (i.e. from personal collection and/or rare stuff) , and presuming that they don't have them at Louro's, then $25 corkage is worth it.

                2. When it comes to bringing my own bottles in, for me it is always about drinking what I want, not saving money. So that is how I decide. And to be fair, I always adjust the tip to what I think it would have been if I bought the wine from the restaurant because the wait staff does the same amount of work anyway.

                  Having said that, bringing your own bottle in is, in my opinion, the way to go except in a restaurant with a truly outstanding wine list. For example, I would never bring wine to Marea because their wine list is so great as is their somm. and it is a good chance to discover something new.

                  At Louro, I would bring my own wine.

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                    Thanks for the reply, if possible, may i go one step further to ask yourself / the readers if there are any certain reccomendations to match the menu around the $20 range? Thanks in advance!


                  2. For a white--if you are willing to go into the high $20's, I would recommend the Marisa Cuomo Furore. I don't think you would be disappointed. I am not sure when you are doing the dinner, but you could buy a bottle in advance, try it, and if you like it buy more. It has little to no oak and alot of fruit but it is balanced.

                    For a red--I would go with a Numanthia-Termes which should be about $25 per bottle. A good wine and an excellent value. I don't know where in NY you can find it but you can go to wine searcher and look for it.

                    And since it is a party, I would always consider starting with a bubbly. This is about $35 but a good value--Nicolas Maillart Champagne Brut Elegance Marie Hanze. We bought some about a year ago from Acker Merrall.

                    I hope this helps.

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                      Numanthis Termes is 100% Toro from Spain's Toro region. Normally, the wines are big and can be a brute, especially when young. Having had David Santos dishes in Um Segretto (not in Louro), I would advice against bringing JUST one big brutish red that will overwhelm most of his dishes. If I were the OP, I'd try to match with a medium-bodied wine from Portugal, specifically from the Duoro region.