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Mar 22, 2013 01:16 PM

Mexico City Food in Bay Area

looking for Mexico City style food in Bay area?

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  1. We had a nice meal at Chilango last night (Church just south of Market).

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      I had a great meal with my wife and my sister at Chilango about a year ago, and thought it was worth going again. Rare to have a Mexican meal that didn't leave me entirely stuffed.

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        The menu on the web site doesn't read very Mexico City / DF style to me.


        Mmm, buche.

      2. El Huarache Azteca in Oakland.

        Mexico DF in SF closed and wasn't living up to its name anyway.


        1. what is DF style? DF has a lot of influence from all surrounding states.

          If you are thinking about things like torta, La Casita Chilanga in redwood city serves torta.

          1. All the Casitas Chilanga in Redwood City (there are several) pride themselves on being DF-centric. Aside from the tortas, look at the large plates on the menu. Also, that's the only RWC taqueria that will do a lamb taco (on the weekends).

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              El Huarache Azteca does lamb on the weekends as well.