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Mar 22, 2013 12:41 PM

Going over to the city for lunch need recommendations.. any kind of food - just want to try new interesting or old interesting

Please give me your top 5 restaurants for lunch in SF - like all kinds of food
and have been to so many restaurants -- just need a fresh opinion of a real foodie :) thanks

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  1. Galette 88 (partly because it's not open for dinner)

    1. I was in the City last Saturday and ended up eating lunch at the Roli-Roti truck at the Ferry Plaza Market. They are now making much more porchetta so they don't run out (at least by 1:30). Lots of other options. Thought about having crab cakes at the Hayes St. B&G stand.

      Up California, Tadich is nice for lunch and if you're sentimental for a workday financial district rice plate, B&M Mei Sing will fill that bill.

      1. In the rotation these days is Marlowe, Farina Pizza, Pals Take Away, Locals Corner and just discovered Darwin.

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          Could you please tell us more about what you're liking at Farina Pizza?

          And here's some recent info on Darwin,

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            I had the rabbit ragu last time I was at Farina Pizza. I recommend it. Added appeal of the location is Craftsman & Wolves or Dandelion Chocolate a few doors down.

        2. If you are north of Market, Chez Fayala is really good both in terms of their buffet and their sandwiches (esp. salmon sandwich). I only do takeout there because it gets kind of noisy inside.