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Mar 22, 2013 12:16 PM

Searching for Pambasos

A while back, I was guided to a lot of tasty chow by the thread on Tortas Ahogada here:
Now I'm looking for it's cousin from Mexico City, the Pambaso.

It looks like the fillings are slightly different, and the Pambaso is dipped into sauce before grilling instead of afterwards, making it (I assume) a little easier to eat.
It was once served from a trailer on South 1st St that has long since vanished. Anyone seeing this sandwich around town?

Here's the video from Taco Journalism that inspired my craving:

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  1. I love the version out at Taqueria Don Mario on Hudson Bend Rd in Lakeway. I hope we get some others to chime in because I love this family of sandwiches, cousins and all. The dipped carnitas Torta Ahogada at Taco Joint near campus on San Jacinto is wonderful as well. I actually like theirs more than La Condessa where the meat to bread balance is off, and costs a lot more for less. Don Mario's pastor pambazo is in the photo just before I scarfed it down. Deliciously Unctuous may apply.

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      Thanks Slowcooked! I do like the Torta Ahogada
      see at Taco Joint. I see on another website that scrumptious chef has found pambazos at Fruita Feliz as well. May have to head that way later.