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Mar 22, 2013 11:50 AM

Has anyone tried Inferno, in Little Italy?

It looks like a Club Restaurant, and every instincts I have say no, but I heard a couple of positive comments, so maybe I should go against my instincts...

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  1. Haven't tried it yet but it's in my plan. They had a great review in Voir last october :

    1. Went recently with a group, some people were an hour late so that may have coloured my impression somewhat but it was OK. Had the rack of lamb which was very expensive for the amount of food on the plate. I saw a rack of lamb dish at Tavern on the Square that had at least double the meat for the same price point. Had the tartare starter, was very good. People seemed to be happy with their plates

      The food was good, but the prices is why I say it was just OK. Service was good, room was busy but it was a pleasant vibe. Might go back in a while as a couple to check it out again.