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Mar 22, 2013 11:44 AM

Italian Crudo Cravings: Culina at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills?

I tend to steer WAY clear of hotel restaurants, but my girl is a crudo-nut and Culina seems to be the only place in town that claims Italian Crudo as it's m├ętier (to really mix up languages and cuisines).

1) Anyone have any experiences the crudo served there?
2) How about the other food?

I am expecting good-to-great food at insane-to-demented prices.

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  1. You can find excellent sashimi/crudo at Valentino and Il Grano as well, with better Italian food in general than Culina.

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    1. re: zack

      Il Grano is particularly well-known for its crudo.

      1. re: zack

        Thanks zack and Jwsel -- we have switched to Il Grano for this evening...but if other hounds have other ideas, PLEASE, keep 'em coming!

        1. re: Ciao Bob

          Was going to say Barbershop: but it looks like they've gone away from the crudo after the last run w/ the sushi chef.