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Mar 22, 2013 10:41 AM

Nice early dinner with a baby in Montreal.

Looking for recommendations for dinner with a baby in downtown Montreal. We will be going early (5:30) and have a small umbrella stroller or could use a high chair if available. I saw the post from a year ago regarding brunch/lunch-- anything different for dinner? We would normally do fine dining but obviously not an option with baby. Anything quality with nice atmosphere would be great, preferably not super casual. We also enjoy breweries, gastro pubs. We will be staying downtown.
Thank you!

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  1. Here are a few recommendations (we have two kids):

    Deville Dinerbar offers modern deli fare in a nice ambiance. They have big booths that should fit your carseat. (1st pic below: Hibashi Steak Sandwich)

    Le Pois Penché offers a French brasserie experience with a fresh oyster/seafood bar. I've also been with my daughter several times with no issues.

    Renoir is Sofitel Montreal's French restaurant, another option.

    For something more generic and family-friendly, you have Wienstein & Gavinos for Italian food.

    1. The only place we have gone with a baby that is anywhere near fine dining is Biarritz. Not downtown, but not too far, and could be a nice stroll from downtown (or short cab ride). We went early & it was pretty quiet & nobody seemed bothered by the baby. It's sort of tapas-style so didn't take too long, which we found helpful. We loved the food. I don't think they have high chairs but there should be room for a stroller. For any place that's at all upscale I like to call ahead, to find out if they have highchairs and see how they respond when you mention the baby.