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Mar 22, 2013 10:21 AM

Looking for Spectrum Organic VIRGIN coconut oil ASAP!

All the health food stores have non-virgin, ie processed, coconut oil, but the spectrum organic virgin/raw is the only one that's okay for Passover. Have tried every store I could think of - Whole Foods, Noah's, Qi, um, a whole bunch. They all have the processed, not raw.

If YOU buy this and use it, where do you get it locally???

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  1. Hi, I don't have an answer for that particular brand but if you are open to other brands that are also unrefined, Costco carries one from Carrington Farms

    Review of it hear makes it sounds like it meets your requirements.

    I have seen the Artisano brand at Whole Foods before too

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    1. re: ylsf

      Yes the Carrington Farms one has a kosher symbol on it ... a star with a K in the middle. It's a great price at Costco. It is organic, virgin and cold-pressed.

    2. This is what I buy.....they have a smaller jar included in the price.

      1. I get Nutiva at Summerhill Market. It's organic, virgin, unrefined. And crazy expensive, of course.

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        1. re: sgogo

          Tip ... the Nutiva brand sells for around $13 for the 15 oz jar at Foods for Life (Bloor/Runnymede) ... best in-store deal in town on Nutiva EV Coconut Oil that I'm aware of ...

        2. I buy the Nutiva usually and like it a lot. However, none of the regular brands that I know of are kosher for Passover. That's why I asked about this brand, specifically. It's the only one that's been okayed by the rabbis who supervise the kosher symbol (I emailed the companies that supervises the Nutiva and was told no-go for Passover).

          Kosher for Passover is an extra layer of complexity, but at a time of year we're eating so unhealthily, it would be nice to find one jar I could use... drat.

          Anybody else with an idea of where to find THIS exact one or another that is kosher for Passover? :-)))

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          1. re: Jay3fer

            I am curious to learn more about this. If the product is raw, unrefined and pure coconut oil that doesnt contain any grains, corn, etc (ie pure coconut oil) to be "kosher for Passover" it sill needs to be certified as such? As mentioned by another poster the Carrington brand is indicated as kosher, did you contact them and they said their product is not kosher for Passover?

            1. re: ylsf

              Well... Modern food processing being what it is, "grain-free" and "unrefined " do not necessarily mean a product is okay for passover. I'm thinking specifically of honey, which, even when it's called unpasteurized, has usually undergone a heating process (most people don't know this ), and which therefore DOES need a special symbol for Passover. I haven't called about every kosher raw coconut oil (the star-k is in Baltimore, but also probably very busy today! ) , cuz I thought it might be more efficient to chase down the one I have been told with certainty is fine. ;-))))

              1. re: Jay3fer

                Thanks for the information.

                Would seem like a good product for the
                Metro or other grocery stores by Lawrence/Bathurst to carry. Maybe worth a call to them if you haven't checked already.

                I was googling around out of curiosity and I came across this link:

                SOmeone there mentioned that someone called the OU and was told that they didn't special certification is it was virgin/raw/etc (i.e. like extra virgin olive oil). But then on the OU website says just the product that you listed above is kosher for passover for 2013.

                Then on this site there is no "kosher for passover" results when you search coconut oil :

                Anyway, hope you find the product you are looking for. You are right, definitely sounds easier to just find this specific one vs. searching around for something else. Maybe try contacting the company directly too. Since the question of the coconut oil is a "top 10" question you would think there would be a demand for it in the Toronto area thereby creating supply!

          2. You might call and ask (847-252-4355) or check at They are open 7 days a week. Their EV organic coconut oil is cold pressed from freshly picked coconuts so it may suit your requirements.

            They ship to Canada and have outstanding service and product support.