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Takeout options in/around Davis Square

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I'm visiting a brand new baby tonight who lives in Davis Square. I'll be coming from metrowest and don't get to explore Somerville too often so I'm not familiar with great options. The new mom and dad are so blitzed, they said anything I'd bring, they'll eat. Spicy cuisine with meat is welcome!
I don't want pizza, sandwiches or Americanized Chinese food- the usual takeout options.
I did a quick search for Cambridge and Somerville restaurant options but wasn't really inspired with an great ideas, possibly because there are so many choices!

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  1. Doowee and Rice. See this thread for the greatness that is this place.


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      Second DooWee. Sounds perfect for your request. Great takeout, and if you're driving from Metrowest, it's easy to swing onto Powderhouse Blvd from Rte 16 and then continue on into Davis.

    2. You can get good Szechuan Chinese food at Zoe's ,
      golden garden in Belmont, Szechuan dumpling house in Arlington, Quingdao on mass ave in north Cambridge .

      There have been a few raves about golden garden and Szechuan dumpling house on this board just search.

      Golden Garden

      Szechuan dumpling mass ave. arlington


      Or Zoe's



      1. Even if mom and dad like spicy, new babies sometimes object to it secondhand in milk. Just a thought...

        M3 can do takeout for a BBQ/Southern option. You'll likely be coming close to Rod Dee for Thai at Porter. Greek Corner does a nice tasting platter with hummus, grape leaves, etc. I know you said no sandwiches but their house-made lamb gyro is really delicious and is not really a sandwich.

        Make sure to hold the baby so mom and dad can eat!

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          Huh? So Korean babies with kimchee-eating parents...what does that mean for them?!

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            As a former Korean baby / current Korean adult, it meant that I grew up and refused to eat white rice unless mom or dad mixed gochujang hot sauce (and only the sauce) into the rice and turned it into a minimalist bibimbap. I did this until I was 5 or so. No doubt a real hassle for my dear parents who mostly indulged when possible.

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              Yeah, I get it. I'm Korean, too. It was meant tongue-in-cheek.

              I didn't understand Parsnipty's post, that babies object to spice in mother's milk if mom has eaten something spicy. I just wanted some clarification. Perhaps there some science behind that statement?

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            I put chiles on everything since forever and every one was telling me the same (I was pretty sure the president was going to call me and tell me to stop eating the home made tamales and chorizio I was craving)

            I asked the pediatrician during my pregnancy and in the case of breastfeeding she told me it was fine to continue to eat as I always did, with the exception of the normal pregnancy no-nos ie: lunch meats, rare meats, soft cheeses booze etc.

            I wondered what happens in other countries that spicy food is prevalent?

          3. - Anna's Taqueria
            - Painted Burro (call ahead)
            - Posto pizzaria
            - DooWee & Rice, a terrific option in Powderhouse Sq
            - Deli-Icious, my favorite sandwiches in town

            1. Snappy Sushi does take out too.

              1. Amsterdam Falafel is great if you like falafel - some of the best I've had in Boston.

                Mr. Crepe is fun and has quite a variety of sweet and savory crepes.

                I know you said no pizza, but Flatbread definitely isn't your typical pizza. Highly recommended!

                1. Another option would be homemade pasta and sauce, packaged separately, from Dave's Fresh Pasta. They could wash it down with some Butter Girl cookies.

                  1. as a new parent I like this person wanting to bring food to the new mom and dad. we are close to Davis feel free to drop some off at our place too. ; )

                    Painted Burro: very bland
                    Dave's Fresh Pasta: mostly yummy

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                      As far as PB goes, definitely depends what you order. I was there last week, and my food was decidedly the opposite of "bland". Excellent lamb taco, and I dig the BLT and "breakfast" tacos as well.

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                        I do have to say that I think I am the only person in Davis Sq.that is not a fan of painted burro. I am also the worst person to take to a mexican restaurant.

                        I went with a group that all were raving on how yummy everything was, and I was sulking in the corner disappointed that nothing tastes as good as grandmas. I find that is the case with most mexican places. I do like tu y yo a lot, but still think it is on the bland side.

                        I do think the chicharrones type pork belly at painted burro is pretty good.

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                          what do you think of Tenoch in Medford? Tu y yo was great, homemade chipotles en adobo, before they got a lot of publicity and north americanised everything....that was a long time ago.

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                            You are right I do not understand why Tu Y Yo north americanised things.

                            We went to Tenoch a week before the baby was born the service was the best I have had in a long time.

                            I have not yet figured out if I like the food or not.Their chorizio is definitely better than that of Painted Burro, and those fried advacadoes are yummy.

                            I had asked for some thing spicy, the server was very sweet and got me their "very spicy" habanero sauce. I felt bad because I felt it had no flavor and no heat, I even called her over and asked if she mixed up the habanero for a mild sauce.

                            I want to go back soon and make up my mind.

                    2. Thank you everyone! I did end up at Doowee and we loved it!! Although very skeptical at first, the chicken hearts and fries was by far our most favorite part of the meal. Thank you all and I'll keep your Somerville suggestions for the next time I visit!