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Mar 22, 2013 08:22 AM
Discussion Places to Eat and Drink in San Diego

Came across this site the other day, which is how I found about Supernatural Sandwiches....knew about most of the places but discovered a few new gems that I will be trying out in the near future:

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  1. Thanks for the link and info, will also be testing out this list first hand. Two odd choices on the list make me wonder though, Phil's bbq and kebab shop which is a chain.

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    1. re: polldeldiablo

      agreed....not every place on there is a gem, but a decent list.

    2. Not bad, not bad at all.

      1. Yet again San Diego stops at Carlsbad. (that's actually pretty good usually it stops at Del Mar)

        Red Rooster - Oceanside for Burger and Brew
        Hosies-Oceanside for burger and Brew
        That Boy Good-Oceanside for BBQ and Brew
        Panca- Oceanside for Peruvian and Brew

        and yes I have a chip on my shoulder ....but it's a well deserved chip.

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          San Diego stops at I8 to the north, 15 (maybe 805) to the east 94 to the south and the ocean.

          The rest is LA, Phoenix, or Mexico.

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              Get with the program brother sledge...we've moved on to Montebello.


          1. re: chris2269

            I am actually surprised that they picked 3 places in Encinitas and one in SB, so they are trying to include north county. The thing that I noticed besides the table heights, is the use of metal chairs, which I know have that industrial vibe, but they are noisy and uncomfortable

          2. I love these lists that exist in a vacuum of any ethnic cuisine at all. No Super Cocina, no Aqui Es Texcoco?

            Oh well I guess it's only the "coolest" places, so I guess being fashionable is more important.

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            1. re: Josh

              You act surprised, what did you expect something worth while? Well, now that you're an outsider, maybe you're just out of touch!

            2. Why do so many of the "cool" places have bar height tables? Seriously what's up with that trend? Enough already. I prefer my feel on the floor especially if I'm wearing my "cool" heels.

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              1. re: Island

                I was actually gonna post the same exact thing with hip places and bar height tables, just without the 'heels' part.