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Mar 22, 2013 08:12 AM

Family friendly, near the Turnpike, in South Jersey

We're driving from NYC to Baltimore, and will have hungry cranky adults and children (almost 5y and 2 mo) with us. We'd like to stop for dinner around the half way point, and I assume we'll be around or south of Cherry Hill. Ideally, something within 5-10 minutes off the turnpike, with fast/efficient service, and delicious food. Indian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese would be lovely, but maybe I'm pushing my luck. A cafe with great sandwiches, a good falafel/shawarma place, etc. would also fly.

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Vietnamese, in Cherry Hill, an easy 5 minutes off the Turnpike (get off in Mt. Laurel), one of my fav's:
    Pho Eden
    1900 Greentree Rd. (corner of Springdale Rd/Greentree Rd)
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

    1. To fill in the others:
      Indian- Monsoon at Dearborn Circle, Mount Laurel;
      Korean- Sammy Chon's KtownBBQ, Route 70, Cherry Hill;
      Chinese- Shanghai Express corner Greentree and Church Roads, Marlton (Evesham on some maps), and to round out Asia, there's Ichi Sushi (and other Japanese) in the same strip mall as Shanghai Express.
      All are BYOB and the farthest is Monsoon at most 10 minutes away.

      1. I don't like venturing too far off the turnpike when driving that route, so my usual stop is the Bob Evans at exit 4.

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          The turnpike at exit 4 will drop you off on Rt 73 in Mt Laurel and exit 5 would be in Mt. Holly. That stretch of 73 doesn't really have anything too interesting in the immediate area unless you were to jump on 295 N to Mt Laurel and go to Monsoon, or take 295 S to Rt 70 in Cherry Hill and try either Sammy Chon's or Norma's for some nice Mediterranean food.