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Mar 22, 2013 08:05 AM

Restaurants for six nights in rome.

Based on recommendations from several people we have reserved at the following five restaurants. We are interested in thoughts about our choices and suggestions for alternatives. Thank you. They are: l'Asina d'oro, Cesare al Casaletto,Trattoria da Cavaliere Gino, Colline Emilane, Da Teo

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  1. Sorry I have no answers for you but I will be going to Rome next week for 3 days. Was it easy to make the reservations? We only speak English and French here lol

    I'd like at least one fancy place but more than likely we will just be eating whatever we are near. It's our first time so for now our focus are sights, not food. Food for next time when we feel more comfortable!

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      well, you are not asking for suggestions, but I think in the end you will care about the food. There is nothing more depressing than reading trip reports of random eating and the disappointments from it. take down some names from this site near your destinations, buy the apps offered by Katie parla or Elizabeth Minchilli so you can find good places rather than mediocre near where you are. Its worth the few minutes to improve your memories of your trip in such a wonderful eating destination.

      1. re: jen kalb

        Good points there. I think I'll make note of 5-10 places, I definitely want to try some ice cream and pizza. I'm just not sure of how quickly we will figure it all out so my priority are the sites. If I'm too tired ill eat just to eat lol.

        Although it will be raining 2/3 days of trip so we will see how that changes things.

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          my suggestion is to find some places for lunch - it you are doing active touring, starting early (as you should in rome, given the noon closings at many places especially churches) you will be ready to sit down for an hour or two midday. There are plenty of recommendations here for places near all of the main tourist sites. With luck your rain will be light and sporadic so it wont impede your visit - hope to hear your report back..