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Mar 22, 2013 07:45 AM

Goose Rocks Beach/Kennebunkport with young children

Hi family will be travelling to GRB this summer for a week in July (yes we'll be one of those dreaded tourists!!!). I'm looking for some kid friendly places to eat lunch/dinner. I'm not looking for places with kids menus as our 3yr old will eat raw oysters, steamed mussels, fish, veggies... you name it, with abandon. It's just that we will be with a 3yr old and a 1 yr old. Obviously we will be doing early dinners but if there are any recommendations of great foodie places that also could accomodate children (who are familar with eating in restaurants so well behaved but still children). Thanks!!!

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  1. First thing that comes to mind is The Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. Good food, good prices, and really low key. For a great dinner, I'd suggest Earth. It is one of my favorite restaurants next to Fore Street in Portland. I know earlier in the evening you can sit outside. It is a bit formal, but the food is really amazing and focuses on local ingredients. When I went last time I saw some toddlers outside, especially since there is an area where there are chairs and a fire pit.

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      The Clam Shack is indeed low key (and great food) but it is a food stand, no real seating area.

    2. I'd suggest The Ramp below Pier 77 nearby in Cape Porpoise. Casual bar/grill which we've always enjoyed, including some beautiful sunset views over the water, and I'm pretty sure I've seen families with young children eating there as well. Good food on The Ramp menu; if I'm not mistaken, I seem to recall that you can also order off of the fancier Pier 77 menu since they share the same owner, well-regarded chef, kitchen, etc. On our last visit, former President G.W.H. Bush and wife Barbara were enjoying dinner at the table next to the one at which we were seated ! Very popular with locals....give it a try.

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        The Ramp is a great place but it's very crowded during the summer. There are definitely kids there, but since they don't take reservations, you can wait an hour or more to get in at times. Also since the space is pretty tight, it could be uncomfortable for you and other guests.

      2. Federal Jack's in K-Port is super kid friendly and has a nice patio. Worth a visit while you're there. The beer is great; food is nothing special but you can get a lobster, fried clams, haddock, etc. so I can usually find something tasty enough. Not "foodie" fare but a solid choice for a lunch or a comfortable, low-stress dinner.

        And definitely not fancy, but the Maine Diner on Rt. 1 in Wells has some of the best seafood chowder and lobster rolls around, as well as a lobster pie that'll kill you but is delicious. It's a touristy place so best not to go at peak hours. It's a diner, very kid-friendly.

        1. Cape Pier Chowder House in Cape Porpoise (next to The Ramp) is very good and child-friendly. Eat inside or out on the deck.

          Arundel Wharf in K-port is good with kids, too, esp. if you eat outside, where you can watch the boats go by.