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Mar 22, 2013 06:48 AM

good lunch in southern monmouth....

any recs?

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  1. Give us a few more details - setting, food type, price, how far south, etc. and we'll be more than happy to help. There are good lunch eats to have here.

    Without any of the above, given the way I feel today, I'd go to Harpoon Willy's on the River in Brielle and have some grilled clams, a burger, and a coupla IPAs.

    If you meant southwestern MC, I'd suggest maybe Vietnam Bistro in Howell.

    If you want pizza, Pete & Elda's, although a bit of a cliche, is fun and kinda unique, but not that far south.

    Then again, there is always . . . .

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    1. re: MGZ

      nothing over the top.... simple, good food, quiet setting.... anything south of Long Branch would be ideal.... Harpoon Willys sounds good!

      1. re: mstrblstr

        Harpoon Willy's is pretty much Barnacle Bill's South - riverfront, great burgers, grill behind the bar, type thing. Only it has a much more pleasant atmosphere.

        One other, quite different suggestion would be Frank's on the north end of Main Street in AP- great corned beef and pastrami.

        A second would be, again completely different, to grab a few beers and eat funky pork roll sandwiches at The Committed Pig in Manasquan.

        1. re: MGZ

          Great corned beef and pastrami... I like that!!!!!!!

    2. Lots of good lunch places in Asbury Park, including Old Man Rafferty's, Toast, Brickwall, Dauphne Grill, Ivan and Andy's, Portas and of course as mentioned Frank's.

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      1. re: SusieQQ

        Yeah, I forgot about Ivan and Andy's. You can get a very good burger there at a reasonable price during lunch hours.

        Porta and Brickwall, however, never seem to be quiet.