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Mar 22, 2013 02:23 AM

Mumbai - upscale'ish options in and around Navi Mumbai?

I'm going on a business trip to Mumbai soon, and I'd like to take my team of 4 out to dinner somewhere nice as a treat. Everyone eats meat and veg.

I'll be staying in Vashi (Navi Mumbai), while the others are spread between Airoli, Powai and Vikhroli - so something in/around there would be ideal. Having had plenty experience of Mumbai traffic, I'm thinking that trying to coordinate us all arriving at somewhere like Fort or Colaba isn't a good plan :)

It doesn't *have* to be Indian cuisine (which I'd prefer, but they may fancy something different :)

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  1. GordonS, during my recent trip to Delhi, the local guys there kept wanting to take us to Barbeque Nation - we never eventually got to do it, but I noticed the chain has an outlet in Navi Mumbai. Maybe you can try it and let us know what you think:

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      One of the guys has been to a branch in Pune and reckoned it was pretty good, do this looks like a promising option, thanks :)

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        In the end the rest of the guys decided they didn't fancy Barbeque Nation because "they only do grill items". I thought that was kind of the point, but never mind :)

        We ended up at Bhagat Tarachand in Vashi (

        Although my colleagues had never been before they had all heard good things, and a quick search revealed it gets plenty of good reviews.

        On the night though, it was a bit of a let down. Everything was either too salty or/and too greasy. The dry fried bhindi was *really* salty and too greasy, the butter naan was drenched in *way* too much of butter, etc.

        It's billed as a Gujarati restaurant, but apparently there wasn't much from Gujerat on the menu. Maybe it's better to go at lunch when they serve thalis.

        As an aside, I had a couple of excellent thalis in the canteen in the Assam Bhawan opposite the Center One mall. It's a no-frills place, and judging from the stares and people wandering into the canteen just to gawp, they don't get many foreign visitors - I've no clue about Assamese cuisine so can't vouch for the authenticity, but it was very tasty indeed :)

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          Bump for additional thoughts.


          I went to BBQ Nation the last time I was in Mumbai; the host company took us there on our last day. It was extremely delicious, and it is NOT only grill items. In fact, the grill items are considered "the first course". After you're done with the grill items, they remove the grill and you are free to eat at the buffet.

          The hyderabad biryani was delicious.

          The downstairs buffet restaurant @ Renaissance Powai is also delicious.

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            Mahesh Lunch House. Seafood specialists. Pretty damn good and reasonably priced.

            Mahesh special prawn = massive win. It's basically the HK typhoon crab recipe, except with shrimp instead of crab. tons of garlic, green onion, peppers.