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Mar 21, 2013 11:19 PM

Asian Miso/shoyu vinaigrette recipe?

I love a classic vinaigrette salad dressing, and make them routinely for our dinner salads. Living in Hawaii, and eating a largely asian diet, I have been looking for an asian influenced vinaigrette recipe for a salad dressing. I wanted something more than just adding shoyu (soy sauce) to a classic vinaigrette recipe, and was experimenting with various miso combinations. I made a simple vinaigrette with white miso, and one with a red miso, with rice wine vinegar with 2/3 canola oil, 1/3 olive oil. I did NOT add any shallots or mustard as I wanted to keep them simple. I will make further batches with mustard and with shallots to do some comparison tasting. I might also compare using rice vinegar with white wine or sherry vinegar.

So I dont go about reinventing the wheel...does anyone have any asian inspired vinaigrette recipes that are tried and true? On that note, do any of you imaginative chefs out there have an idea of what would be an ideal recipe or combination of ingredients.

I'd like to have a go to recipe for a salad dressing that would be asian inspired.



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  1. Chiles, ginger, ponzu might be fun to try.

      1. My random thoughts on the topic:

        Stick with the rice wine vinegar - I don't think the others will give you the flavor you want. You can round out the acid component with some lime juice or ponzu.

        Instead of canola or olive, use peanut oil fortified with a little toasted sesame oil.

        I love all varieties of miso, but I really only use white for dressings.

        A pinch of sugar or a scant drizzle of honey can really pull it together. When people say something is "missing" & can't figure out why theirs doesn't taste quite right, that's usually what it needs.

        Those are the basic elements, but there are ways to change it up. Freshly grated ginger always works, and as you mentioned, you can play around with onion - I prefer scallions for this. For heat, add wasabi, or a touch of Chinese mustard, or chiles. You can also add fresh herbs - I like mint, cilantro or basil.

        I hope that's somewhat helpful.

        1. I don't like miso of any kind in salad dressing.

          Try the following combo: soy sauce, shoyu, rice wine vinegar, toasted sesame oil, sugar (or honey) minced garlic and ginger and (optional) a bit of horseradish (or wasabi) powder.

          1. i second the sentiment to add fresh grated ginger.

            also sesame oil!