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Mar 21, 2013 09:55 PM

Drinking Chocolate - desperate!

After eating at XOCO and having their chocolate+churros, I've been yearning for a good cup of semi-dark drinking chocolate. From experience, i like drinking ~70% and eating ~80%, but as i'm sure you all know, the percentage doesn't tell you nearly as much as actually trying them! Which is why I am turning to you all for help!

It would be nice to have some quality pastries to accompany the chocolate, but I can literally just drink cups after cups of gooey chocolate by themselves.

I take public transit, and i'm willing to walk the extra mile for a good cup. Budget shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Katherine Anne Confections in Logan Square has RIDICULOUSLY good drinking chocolate. With homemade marshmallows.

      1. Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate is not sold retail in the US but you can easily order it online from jobbers who sell British grocery products in this country. Make it as strong as you like and try it with rum. I have heard (don't know if true) that Hershey's has kept Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate out of the US. For obvious reasons once you taste it: it makes their product taste like plastic.

        Another option for you to try is the Abuelita brand Mexican-style chocolate, sold in every Hispanic store in Chicago---comes as solid chocolate and you have to whisk it up when you make the hot drink.