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Mar 21, 2013 09:50 PM

Road Trip Thru Philadelphia

We will be driving from DC area to Montreal in May. We are interested in really great food either in Philadelphia or surrounding areas. Any interesting restaurants that are out of town, maybe in small town with B&B.

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  1. What route are you taking? Are you then heading on 95 or no turnpike? Or are taking Pa Northeast extension.

    1. As noted your route would be helpful in defining a "small town/B&B. The best selection of very good restaurants will be in center city Philadelphia.

      1. Birchrunville Cafe is a BYO and has excellent food way out in the country. An experience worth the trip, especially the lovely drive in the country in May.
        Estia at Broad and Locust in Philly is excellent for Greek Seafood. (not a BYOB but a must anyway)
        Bistro la Minette around 6th St. is a small French winner. (Has a bar but also allows BYOB with a corkage fee)
        Very popular with the Foodie crowd are Bibou (BYOB) and Vetri -- both high end when it comes to fine food.
        Another out-of-the-way find is a chef with a sophisticated palate at Maize in Perkasie (BYOB)

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          I discovered Birchrunville a couple of days ago and was very excited. Then I discovered it was closed on Tuesdays and that is the day we will be there. Just looked at the Maize website and they are open on Tuesdays.
          Thanks for your suggestions

          1. re: Candyk10

            If you are looking to stay outside of Philadelphia, you could consider either staying down in the Brandywine river region or you could consider something up in Bucks or Montgomery County.

            In Mont Co the Joseph Ambler Inn would be a very nice place to stay. You could dine there as well or you would be about thirty minutes from Perkasie. And while Maize does some nice food, it is a very slow pace, in a very loud space. Your mileage may vary.

            Nearer to New Hope PA you have quite a few. I recommend Holly Hedge but you have quite a few choices. Again you are about thirty minutes from Perkasie.

            If you dine in Doylestown, Honey is a fantastic restaurant doing very elegant food in an intimate setting,

        2. If you are going up the northeast extension I'd recommend Bolete and there is a great little B&B very close by in Hellertown (find it on airbnb)

          1. Skytop would be an exceptional option for an interesting overnight and dinner on your travels to Montreal, especially in the lovely month of May. Their web site offers extensive details on all aspects of this historic Lodge and Inn. A destination for New York and Philadelphia families over many decades. I have not dined there in a good while so I can not speak for the current level of food and service.