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Mar 21, 2013 09:49 PM

Is there a comprehensive Bellaire Post?

I know about Mala Sichuan, B-10 aka Givral's, but seems since I left Houston years ago, Bellaire really expanded and there are probably 100 restaurants on the strip. I still can spend late nights @ Sinh Sinh and Tan Tan, but I want to check some other things out



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  1. I don't believe there is a comprehensive post, no. I presume you're referring to Chinatown since Bellaire as it runs through Bellaire itself is heavily Mexican with a lot of Salvadoran. Was Chinatown just called Bellaire back then?

    I am by no means an expert but here's a recent guide by the Press that I thought was quite good:

    My own favs include Sandong, Fu Fu, Mala Sichuan. Never been to Seoul House but I like Jang Guem for Korean. In previous discussions on this board several have stated a preference for Don's for banh mi. Alpha Bakery in Hong Kong Mall also gets props.

    Banana Leaf has two locations now, across the street from each other, and there is also another Malaysian right in there that I haven't gotten to. Banana Leaf has an annoying practice of discouraging people from trying their most exotic dishes unless they look 'Asian,' or something.

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      Oh, yeah. I thought the OP referred to the City of Bellaire. Bellaire Street between 59 and Beltway 8 (and a little beyond) are known as Chinatown. Don't confuse us! Otherwise, what Brucew said. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Fung's Kitchen, not on Bellaire, but in the area.

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        I've read elsewhere that Chinatown was called Bellaire. I remember when Bellaire Boulevard out there was a barely paved two lane road with cows everywhere.

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          Seriously, don't try to out-date me, it can't be done. :) I moved here two years after the Galleria opened.

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            You lose Lambowner, no 610 Loop, the Southwest Freeway ended at Hillcroft, the Loew's Drive-Inn on Bellaire and Hillcroft where I honed my cooking skills in the snack bar, Colt Stadium before the fabulous Astrodome and the great deli sandwiches behind home plate or the end zone when the Oilers were rocking the place. I can go on, please don't force me.

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              I bow to you and back slowly out of the room.

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                Now, before I'm labeled a fossil, I'm mid 50ish. Let's talk about places still open, BBQ Inn, Christies Seafood, these pre-date me, there must be others, there was a topic about this a while back. Curious, from where did you import to our fair city?

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                  South America, where we had lived for two years. I arrived in the petro-chemical capital in my father's giant Mercury Marquis at the impressionable age of 12 and thought I was surely in hell until I found Tex-Mex. Originally from the Pacific NW.

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                    Wild, I was ten or so when my parents dumped me on my Aunt and oil bidness Uncle, previously working in Venezuela. They were living in Austin when they took this super picky eating child to El Chico, and the chips and salsa made me an instant Tex-Mex convert. I think I had enchiladas, cementing the deal.

      1. We like Cafe 101 on Bellaire right before Sam Houston, but it can be hit or miss, and I've heard people can have issues with attitude from the service.

        In the same plaza, we also like that particular Star Snow Ice for beef noodle soup, fried chicken nuggets, and Dan dan noodles.

        Mamak is also pretty good, though I'm not Malaysian, so I can say whether or not it's authentic. I think it was better than Banana Leaf... There's some juicy gossip about chef going to the other side of the plaza and opening up the competitor restaurant, but I can't confirm or deny...

        Cafe Kubo has great ramen after 5PM on the weekends (no idea why about the choice of timing).

        There's a boba/noodle place right next to Cafe Kubo which we sampled once that was quite good, but I can't remember the name. Either way, a walk through this plaza is definitely worthwhile.

        Used to like Korean Village, but had a couple not so great experiences and realized it's probably more catered to the Chinese palate.

        On the other side of the street (Bellaire), we really liked Xiong's which has tremendous sized portions for cheap - I think the best dishes were the beef noodle soup and spicy wontons and fried chicken nuggets (sense a theme?). Didn't like the Dan dan so avoid that.

        Second the vote for San Dong - definitely a favorite - also good for takeout steamed buns and frozen dumplings (big fat ones!).

        Haven't found a bad Chinese bakery yet, so can definitely recommend One Ping and Six Ping bakeries.

        Agree on Mala, though they can be stingy with their portions of pork bung if you're into that (like we are).

        Further west is Pho Ga Dakao which specializes in chicken pho as well as Hainan Chicken rice - awesome on both counts!

        We like Pho Danh in the Hong Kong City mall. Often a line on the weekends, especially Sunday lunch time.

        Had hit and miss meals at Ocean Palace - I think it's about how much you're willing to spend (I was a guest both times, so...)

        Heard good things about Sarah's Place, but have not been yet.

        Not in Bellaire, but we loved Teppay. Excellent fish and excellent tonkotsu ramen, very nice sushi chef. One menu all in Japanese - always a good sign!

        Also not in Bellaire: North of Super H Mart is a really authentic Korean place just called "Korean Restaurant" but unfortunately, I don't have the address on me right now. I'll edit this post later when I ask my wife.

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            Is it possible that they no longer let you edit your posts? Well, I can't figure it out, so here's the name of our favorite Korean (not in Bellaire)

            Go Hyang Korean Restaurant
            (but that's not what the sign says)
            1400 Blalock Rd 77055
            Also, it's not on Google Map!

            Ah, I see, you have to edit within a period of time. Anyway, thanks DW - it's not a comprehensive list... yet.

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              Okay, my recommendation for Sarah Place is on probation. We had a beef and eggplant casserole that was good, but the squirrel fish was in a gloppy, gooey, over-the-top sweet and sour sauce, and pork belly with tofu was pretty over-salted and very short on pork belly. Garlic stir-fried pea shoots were good as were the Sichuan style green beans. Service was below even Chinese-restaurant level awful.

              My friend recommended the place for their Eight Treasures Duck (which you have to order in advance), so we might go try it again, but 3/5 is kind of rough, especially when there are so many places still to try!!!