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Jun 12, 2006 06:53 PM

anderson valley?

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Hi there,

My sweetie and I are going to Anderson Valley for this upcoming weekend- we are going mostly for wine tasting, but would love to get any tips on good food too. Does anyone know that area (Anderson Valley is on 128 on the way to Mendocino)?

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    Robert Lauriston

    Boonville Hotel.

    Libby's (Mexican) in Philo, sometimes has fresh local seafood.

    Try the jalapeƱo cheese rolls from Boont Berry Farm (a natural grocery store, not a farm) in Boonville.

    Buy apples, cider, jam, etc. at the Philo Apple Farm (aka Bates & Schmitt) stand.


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    1. We had a nice dinner at the Boonville Hotel, though I felt the prices were a tad too high. If you're willing to drive, the Albion River Inn on the coast does a great dinner and has fabulous views. We went there when visiting Philo last year.

      1. I second the rec for Libby's- very fresh and good Mexican food. On certain Friday nights they have "Libby's corn night" where they make fresh tortillas- yum. If you are doing wine tasting, Esterlina is amazing. Really top quality wines and a great tasting experience. You drive way, way up a dirt road to the top of a ridge and the tasting is out on a balcony looking over the valley. Make sure you eat beforehand- those pours are extremely generous. The folks are great as well- you must call ahead and reserve.

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          Yes, definitely go to Esterlina!! We weren't going to go cause we didn't have reservations, but we called and they told us to come right up. The view is amazing and the pours are extremely generous, as stated above. Also check out Handley Cellars - I love their sparkling wines especially. And sparkling wine at Roederer is a great way to start the day! We're going up in July - can't wait.

        2. for me, the one must-stop location in Anderson Valley is the Navarro Winery. If you are tasting, time it to arrive at Navarro at lunch time, and with picnic supplies (perhaps from some of the places that Robert suggested, and for that matter the grocery store in Philo is remarkably well stocked for its size and location), and enjoy a lunch or afternoon snack at their picnic area, located in the vineyard right next to the tasting room...truly lovely! (good wines too!)

          1. We had a good lunch Saturday at Mosswood Market Cafe and Bakery, a new place in Boonville. Good espresso, delicious hot pressed focaccia sandwiches, nice salad, good wine by the glass, great organic peanut butter cups, very friendly service. Tried to go back both Sunday and Monday to try more things but they were closed.


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              Thanks for the tip. How was wine tasting?

              1. re: Carb Lover

                It was too hot. We went swimming instead.