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Mar 21, 2013 08:37 PM

Briermere Farm - Riverhead

I was told that they make good pies. Couldn't find info on here, so I ask, is it true? Does Briermere Farm in Riverhead make good pies?

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  1. Well, I haven't been there in quite a while, but unless they've changed completely in recent years, they do indeed make good pies. If I were willing to make the effort I could make a pie perhaps as good, but for a "bought" pie, I can't remember a better one than theirs. Very home-style using good ingredients.

    1. Briermere Farm's pies are OK.

      Some people feel that they are too pricey, or too much air between the crust and the filling.

      Their breads and rolls are very good.


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        Everything including "too pricey" is relative.
        On a Summer Sunday late afternoon when the "city folk" are heading home Briermere parking lot will be busy.
        I observed one UES lovely carrying two pies in each hand and walking back to her Mercedes while her hubby leaned against the fender: "Murray, you know what this would have cost at Zabar's?"

      2. I do love Briemere's pies. Their fruit cream pies are absolutely heavenly- raspberry cream is my favorite.

        1. I have had the blueberry and apple pies from Briermere, and they were good, but not great, IMO. I have not tried the cream pies which, I have heard, are really good (as Chris mentions below.) There is always a line out the door for those pies, so if that is any indication..

          The blueberry muffin they make is excellent.
          Muffin photo

          1. Not worth the price to me. The parking lot is always jam packed so maybe I'm in the minority.