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Mar 21, 2013 07:30 PM

Liguria: West of Savona

My family and I are driving to Liguria from France the Wednesday before Easter.
We're driving back on Easter Sunday. May be a mistake, but we want to beat the traffic, our drive is 4 1/2 hours with no traffic but traffic can easily add 90 minutes or more.
We're staying at an agriturismo near the coast between Imperia and Diano Marina.
I find using Trip Advisor to be a bit of a hall of mirrors. I was more grounded in a "real food" reality reading the outer boroughs posts for NYC when we lived in Brooklyn. I fondly remember the posts about Di Farra's in Midwood. They were like epic poems to a pizza and it's maker.

We were in Piemonte last summer and had a truly great meal at Osteria la Torre in Cuneo and our kids loved it. Our two boys 8 & 10 seem to be able to handle a long meal in a family friendly environment.

Any suggestions either on the coast or up in the hills would be appreciated.


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  1. So, I'm replying to my own post a few minutes later via Allende's recommendation ;)

    Conchiglia D'Oro in Varigotti

    And, thanks to barberinibee:

    With a video of the fish delivery for Noli

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      Conchiglia D'Oro. Don't bother with anything else. We've tried many over the years and they are 1-3 on a scale of 10; Conchilglia D'Oro is an 8.

      1. re: allende

        Thanks allende. After looking more closely at Noli, I realized it's not what we're really looking for, down home straight forward cooking. Conchiglia D'Oro looks perfect and it's close to where we're staying.