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Mar 21, 2013 07:29 PM

Help Finding Restaurants/Trattoria Around Ascoli

We had too short a stay in Ascoli Piceno last year,and have decide to spend some days west of Ascoli as we leave the Abruzzo and head towards Umbria.We are booked into an Agriturismo in Cossignano for 3 nights,and are begging for trattoria/osteria suggestions.We have a blank page here.......Thanks !!

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  1. Try Ristorante Santa Lucia in Appignano del Tronto (about 30 min from Cossignano), Stella Marina in Grottammare, or Tre Bicchiere in San Benedetto del Tronto (both on the coast - 30 min drive), Da Middio in Ascoli Piceno.
    Let me know if you need any recommendations for Umbria!

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      Thank you so much for your suggestions.We will certainly make an effort to try them.I welcome your suggestions for restos around Bevagna,Montefalco, Spoleto & Perugia,where we begin our wonderful holiday in Umbria.Suggestions for off the beaten track trattorias would be wonderful !! Thsnk you so much !!

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        Here is a list of my favorites:
        Assisi - La Stalla
        Bevagna - Antiche Sere
        Bevagna - Scottadito - Osteria Tagliavento
        Campello sul Clitunno - Ristorante Parco del Clitunno
        Cannara - Perbacco Vini e Cucina
        Collepino - La Taverna San Silvestro
        Foligno - Villa Roncalli
        Montefalco - L'Alchimista
        Perugia - Osteria a Priori
        Perugia - Osteria del Bartolo
        Perugia - Sandri Pasticceria
        Spello - Drinking Wine
        Spello - Osteria de Dada'
        Torgiano - "Da Marisa" Hotel Torgiano 2000