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Mar 21, 2013 05:57 PM

Best solo dinner sitting at the bar?

I'll be alone for dinner one night next week and am trying to decide where to have dinner. I do enjoy bar seating when I'm alone...and something in or near the Wynn/Encore would be a plus. I've done this at Bouchon several times, so would like something else. Is Country Club at the Wynn suitable...or other ideas?

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  1. One of the more favorable aspects of the Las Vegas dining scene is that because of all of the convention traffic, it is difficult off hand to think of a single place on the Strip does not not have a good set-up for solo bar dining. The Country Club absolutely fits in that regard. You will also be close to the Venetian/Palazzo, which also provides a plethora of options, and as someone who makes a lot of solo forays to those properties, one of the charms is that it is an easy stroll across restaurant row to check out the specials boards for the night, before having to make the final decision.

    1. Sage at Aria - not all that close to the Wynn. Then there's Valentino's

      1. Have had some great pastas at the bar at Bartolotta.

        1. Second Sage at Aria. Also enjoyed bar seating at Public House in Venetian, but it is a different kind of experience/food.

          1. Eating at the bar at Carnevino is excellent.