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Mar 21, 2013 05:39 PM

What to make with four boneless, skinless chicken breasts...

That is low in fat, not high in calories, no sugar or carbs, that's not a stir-fry or tacos or fajitas?

thank you...

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  1. Chicken piccata?
    Or chicken Marsala?

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    1. re: cheesecake17

      You could make a crustless quiche or a frittata with (cooked and diced) chicken breast, bacon pieces, and the cheese of your choice -- feta or goat cheese work well -- and any low-carb veggies that you like (as long as they're precooked, too): onion, mushroom, spinach, peppers, artichoke hearts . . .

      Sorry, I can't post a recipe because I don't use one. For a standard deep-dish Pyrex greased pie pan, I generally use 8 eggs, 1/2 cup of halfnhalf, salt, pepper, one drop of Tabasco per egg (or to taste) and toss in whatever meat & veggies look good. Yes, the halfnhalf is high in fat, but if you try to use 2% milk -- and believe me, I have -- your quiche leftovers, if any, will turn seepy in the fridge.

      Bake in a 350 (F) preheated oven for 30 minutes, then check for doneness. You want to take the quiche out when the eggs in the very center are still *very slightly* loose so residual heat will finish the cooking.

      If portion control is an issue, you can also cook these in a muffin tin, or possibly in muffin cups. Just spritz 'em with a bit of cooking spray first.

      I like quiche because it can be served hot or cold. :)

      If you have a Winn-Dixie near you, they carry store brand "pouch bacon" which is quite good and only the red bits. They usually cost around $2 a pouch, which is well worth it for the convenience.

      1. re: Chowbird

        I would choose chicken breasts that are no more than 6 ounces, for portion control. I'd wrap them with 2 slices of lean prosciutto and include a sage leaf or two inside the wrapper. Cook in a non-stick pan with only a drizzle of olive oil. The prosciutto seals in the moisture and adds a small amount of sweetness and saltiness without a lot of calories or fat. It is certainly low-carb, though I don't typically focus on carbs, calories or fat, if their sources are reasonable and from whole food products. There is enough flavor in those few ingredients to make the chicken preparation tasty and well-rounded, with minimal fuss/prep time.

    2. And you want how many servings?

      I keep individually wrapped boneless skinless chicken breasts in my freezer. When I saw the tikka masala thread I zeroed in on the recipe from Leites Culinaria because, using 2 B/S chicken breasts, it renders 2 servings, but those turned out to be very generous servings. The recipe is essentially a reduced version of the Cooks Illustrated recipe discussed in the same thread which uses 4 B/S breasts and renders 4-6 servings. Anyway it was rather simple to make and definitely well worth the effort. Serve it with basmati rice and/or a vegetable and you'll have a really good meal that you'll want to repeat.

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      1. re: Sam D.

        I used that recipe last night and you're right, it is very good. I used 5 chicken thighs and upped the amounts of veggies to serve 4 people.

      2. could you split into thinner cutlets and make chicken marsala w/ a steamed vegetable or great salad on the side? I do that alot.

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        1. re: MRS

          Marsala is a good idea, I love it, but I thought it had flour in the recipe?

          1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

            I made it last week without flour and it was fantabulous! It's really easy to modify all of these recipes.

            1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

              Plus wouldn't the Marsala wine hurt the carb/calorie request.

              1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

                Disclaimer: I've never made this recipe... but... This recipe is marsala-esque, and says you can use rice flour for gluten-free, so I imagine that might help keep the carbs down... it says it's only 4.9 carbs per serving:

            2. Chic parm, Chic melenaze, chic pot pie, marinted in lemon, tyme and EVOO, then grilled.

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              1. re: treb

                Yum, treb. I love chicken pot pie and hope you would be wiling to share your recipe (or any other good one) for chicken pot pie that meets the criteria of what the OP requested..."That is low in fat, not high in calories, no sugar or carbs,"

                1. re: Fowler

                  Same request here for a low in fat and carb chicken parm...

                  1. re: juliejulez

                    I love chicken parm and chicken pot pies, but...

              2. Chicken Caesar Salad. Grilled (with smoke-outdoors would be best) on top of the salad.

                Is corn a carb? I'm thinking yes, but if not, chicken chalupas might work.