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very off-putting ads - don't read if you are easily offended

At the bottom of the page in the "From CHOW and Sponsored Partners" section there has been several ads today which makes me wonder if the advertiser even knows that this is a food site.

There have been links to cure vaginal issues, remedies for diarrhea and vomiting, one about food poisoning, another about menstrual cycles.

I guess we are lucky that diaper rash, jock itch and gnarly toe conditions have yet to be addressed...

Really? Surely some sort of standards could be arrived at and still allow advertising revenue.

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  1. I seem to have missed the icky ads. Maybe they're tailored to one's search history? Right now I see:

    Chicken tortilla soup
    French lentil terrine
    Persimmon salad
    How to make money on the internet
    Waikiki wave x2

    (ETA: lol, wasn't implying you were searching for diaper rash!)

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    1. re: DuchessNukem

      Yep, I haven't encountered anything remotely like that. Mostly weight-loss stuff and recipes involving squash. :)

      1. re: DuchessNukem

        Oh, that gave me a good laugh!

        I haven't been searching for anything that would remotely trigger them! They seem to change with each new thread.

        I had been having issues with adblock earlier in the week. I was able to get it to work on that section without causing problems so I'm no longer having to avert my eyes!

        I was seeing the usual weight loss, retirement, etc. ads too.
        The vomit/diarrhea flashing through, especially around the dinner hour just seemed very wrong.

      2. And on this refresh, I have two ads for a specific hotel I was researching, plus the Nespresso machine I've been considering. I do have one for "How to stop drooling during sleep" (prob too late to help me with that one).

        1. I've got 3 food ads, plus New careers after 40, and something about millionaires from investopedia.

          I could have used one about food poisoning... something went terribly wrong with my chicken tonight! :0)

          1. I've got "How to get rid of a hickey" from ehow.com. Don't they know you have to be at least 13 years old to be a member?


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            1. re: The Dairy Queen

              Well the ad providers DO seem to know that I'm a bit fluffy, I see some be-less-fat ads. Maybe there's a hidden camera in your bedroom or doorway? ;)

            2. I was getting really odd ads - not at all related to my searches btw!! and someone suggested using Ad block. I did and I wish I'd done it years ago. I love not having to look at ads no matter what sites I visit. My virtual world is now uncluttered! I highly recommend Ad block!

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              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                I'm running Adblock on my Mac and it stops nothing! Did you have to run a custom configuration?

                1. re: DuffyH

                  No Duffy, I just googled ad block for mac and downloaded it.

                  1. re: Breadcrumbs

                    Well, hell! Might have to try a re-install. :(

              2. Is someone else using your computer?

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                1. re: jaykayen

                  The kitty's are smart but not that smart!

                2. The hideous "belly fat" ads are universal, even in fora that have nothing to do with food (or weight loss).

                  I can't abide the huge one encouraging people to have an affair. It is so big that I've clicked on it inadvertently.

                  Now, I'm the antithesis of any kind of moralising fundamentalist, and people are free to live their lives as they please. The ad disgusts me because it is outright encouragement to lie to one's partner.

                  1. Adblock is a wonderful thing -- I have **nothing** from outside Chow/Chowhound on my screen.

                    I'm always taken aback when I use someone else's computer and see how much crap Adblock flushes before it ever gets to my screen.

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                    1. re: sunshine842

                      I've used Adblock for years - learned about it from someone on Chowhound.

                      Last week I had to remove it from CH for a bit - it had blipped out my navigation bar. With help from a 'hound was able to resolve the problem and reinstall. Guess I missed that little bit of weirdness at the bottom of the page!

                      So strange since I'm the only one who uses my computer - only one in the house for that matter! No searching of anything remotely in those categories...

                      Without Adblock I don't think I could spend more than 10 min. surfing the web!

                      1. re: sunshine842

                        sunshine842 (or anyone who can answer)

                        That's sounds great! I went to the App Store and the description I got was for Weblock/Adblock and said it worked for any wifi enabled mobile device. I use iPhone (AT&T) for everything but am mostly on 4-G or LTE. Will it work for me?

                        1. re: ItalianNana

                          wish I could help, Nana, but I have a phone that makes phone calls, sends text messages, and has an alarm. That's all it does.

                          1. re: ItalianNana

                            Navigate on your phone to

                            If your phone/browser is supported it should let you know.

                        2. I think it depends how linked your account here is with those elsewhere are, what your 'friends' are searching and even with adblock the advertisers are always looking for gaps in that fence, so that does need to be updated as new versions roll out.

                          I generally don't register anywhere using my phasebook account info. "for my convenience!" and keep the apps and ad blocks up there. I may be wrong, but tying them all together allows tacit permission.

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                          1. re: hill food

                            Good point. For me, I'm not linked - don't belong to Facebook, etc. Don't tweet - heck, I can't even whistle!

                            Really, this is why I have no desire to signup for Facebook. It seems that there are always new ways it spills into other internet areas.

                            1. re: meatn3

                              huh, as all I ever get are food related ads at the bottom, telecom ones at the top. and I AM on FB, but my e-mail is not posted here and I only give an obvious clue how to find me there. (and sorry Chow, but I never clicked 'like' over there - but I think I provide enough daily hits here)

                              may have something to do with search engines registering your previous searches and supposing what else you 'may' find interesting. sometimes I get a kick out deciphering just what demographic these random generator advertisers think I fit.

                          2. I find the "have an affair" one far more offputting. I'm no prude and think people have the right to the ethics they choose, but the whole ad hinges on dishonesty and cheating.

                            I'll have to check out adblock for Macs.

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                            1. All I see is the *Repeal Obamacare* comic strip on the right hand side of my page:) I never see any *naughty* stuff:(

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                              1. Just reading the Liederkranz cheese thread and I have recipe links that are related to threads I have read, the “How to Get Rid of a Hickey” link, and my favorite, “How to breakup with a sociopath” with a pic of an angry man screaming at the camera. And no, I have never searched for breakup advice or socipaths Or hickeys.

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                                1. re: EM23

                                  Along with the recipes, I get "The Best New Way to Color Your Hair" (which may be useful actually) and "How to Tell if Your Period Is Coming" (which I think I figured out some decades ago).

                                  1. re: gaffk

                                    hickeys and periods-- did you get crosslinked to TeenBeat?

                                    1. re: sunshine842

                                      Wouldn't it have been nice to have linked Internet ads 30 years ago? I bet they would have had great deals on Leif Garrett posters ;)

                                      1. re: gaffk

                                        I could have used the hickey-hiding info 30 years ago:)

                                        1. re: gaffk

                                          nah, I was Sean Cassidy's girl. Til the Dukes of Hazzard appeared, anyway.


                                          1. re: sunshine842

                                            I'm pretty sure it is Shawn Cassidy, a factoid that apparently will remain in my brain after all other information has evaporated.

                                        2. re: sunshine842

                                          No kidding - I don't know how ad placement works, but those two are kind of bizarre.

                                          1. re: EM23

                                            Especially given my age and the fact that I'm the only one who uses this laptop,

                                            Oh well, now I have an ad for how to earn $50K/year without college--so I guess I'll return my BA and MS and start over.

                                            Totally random. But until this thread I must say I never really noticed them.

                                            1. re: gaffk

                                              The "work from home" ones are funny too...

                                        3. re: gaffk

                                          Without the benefit of an ehow.com article? Good for you!

                                          1. re: gaffk

                                            Me too, only instead of the "period" ad, I get an ehow article about staying positive in a job I hate. Hey, this personalized ad thing seems to be spot on..

                                            1. re: tcamp

                                              I don't know. Right now I have an eHow on ":How to Get Your Boss Fired" . . .that has some promise.

                                              And I must be aging rapidly because the other one is 3 Early Signs of Dementia.