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Mar 21, 2013 04:34 PM

So what's a good substitute for Tickets?

I'm so bummed. I never do anything this goofy for a restaurant reservation, but I've been fascinated by Ferran Adria for so long, I figured it was worth it.

I read all the "tutorials," did a "dry run" earlier in the week, and at the stroke of midnight in Spain and well after, "May 21" never turned black on the calendar. So either something is screwy with the reservations system or they're closed that day. I'm not interested in 41 degrees mainly due to wanting to keep it under 200 Euros total.

Based on the reviews I read here and elsewhere, I was attracted by being able to put ourselves in the hands of the server, being able to give a budget max, the "fun" aspect of it, and, of course eating Adria's food (even if he's not actually cooking it).

So....where else?

Did I mention I was bummed? I'm this close to whining, actually (not really).


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    1. re: erica

      Thanks, erica! That's a fantastic thread - so many things to note. And Lolita Taperia looks fun.

      SusanB, oh yes, I'm sure - that was part of my prep! And I even remembered that we're on daylight savings time already while they're not just yet. Ah well, next time I guess...

    2. Are you sure that May 21 is 60 days from now? It's 60 days, not 2 months, so maybe you're off a day or 2. (I don't have a calendar handy otherwise I'd check.)

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      1. re: SusanB

        I just checked on, and it is.

        "Today is March 22, 2013 so that means that 60 days from today would be May 21, 2013."

        The Tickets site doesn't say anything about a vacation on that date either.

        Tuesdays to Fridays
        Dinners 19:00 – 23:30

        Lunch 13:30 – 15:30
        Dinners 19:00 – 23:30

        Mondays and Sundays

        Closed for vacations
        From 1 to 9 on April
        From 5 to 27 on August
        From 23 to 31 on December

        1. re: kathryn

          Hi kathyrn -

          I actually went to last night after the debacle to make sure I hadn't goofed. I looked for vacation dates and didn't see them, so thanks for posting that. Hmmm...who knows what happened. It doesn't help that we're only there 4 nights, 2 of those are Sun & Mon.

          I just sent a reservation request to Hisop after reading erica's and others' comments. I like the looks of it and it's definitely reasonably priced. Thanks, all.