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Mar 21, 2013 04:20 PM

Copper Beech Inn, Connecticut

So there are a couple of big signs outside the CBI.

Closed for 4 weeks for renovations
Liquor License application (new owners not just new chef?)

Anyone know whats happening?

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  1. water's edge resort purchased CBI in 2012. I know they've been scouring the shoreline looking for a chef. Maybe they should concentrate more on improving their own food product first at waters edge. CBI is a wonderful property but needed a facelift. Maybe this will be a smashing success, but I don't think so otherwise water's edge would have better than soggy bunned lobster rolls

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      I must disagree with bettybeech. Did you eat in the main dining room? I was at Water's Edge last week and the food was great.
      As a matter of fact, the Charcuterie was as good as what I had in Paris last Fall. The entree veal chop was tender, full of flavor, and cooked as ordered. Service was attentive with no attitude. Perhaps you hit an off night or did not dine in the main dining room.

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        well I live across the street (basically) from copper beech and have known pretty well all owners starting with Jo McKenzie who started the whole shebang. It's a herculean task to run that property. There isn't much margin for error (trying to run a top flight twelve room inn AND a top tier restaurant) From Jo's days thru Bill V's days (he then failed at Du Glace) thru Tyler and Noel ... it's a huge undertaking that takes a well capitalized owner (which waters edge is)... I can certainly appreciate you having a decent veal chop but in my 10-15 experiences at the waters edge over the years - it just isn't that good in my opinion and beyond that you have a crew at waters edge that IMHO isn't too interested in making their food great. I do think their brunch is excellent, but over the last 12-15 years I don't think I've seen anything from them that makes me believe that they can run copper beech better than the mckenzie family or cook better than Tyler/Noel. I can only hope that I'm not right because I would benefit greatly by being able to walk to CBI and have a great meal and my friends could stay there when in town. It would be perfect. Perhaps the Reids at L&E would be interested in taking over food at Copper Beech. That would be a win

    2. ok - was at a party last week - and the story is that Waters Edge did NOT buy the CBI

      CBI went bankrupt, the person holding the paper is in the drivers seat right now

        1. UPDATE: Sign today said : Reopens in 1 week

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            It will be interesting to see if the food quality lives up to that of previous CPI chefs and administrations. I'm thinking if Water's Edge has anything to do with what comes out of the kitchen, food won't be as good. We'll see though...

          2. WOW - Sign says 1 week and they are having an Open House to meet the new chefs next week.....

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              Here's some encouraging news about the chefs chosen for the CPI. Gaspar Stantic was the chef (owner too?) for four restaurants in Dallas where he received high praise. About a year ago he opened a place on Bank St in New London. Enzo Cannata is one of four Iron Chefs from Italy. He has done some cooking demonstrations recently at Waters Edge in Westbrook. Not sure whether these two will be in the kitchen together or if they will work separately on different days of the week. Sounds promising though.