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Mar 21, 2013 03:45 PM

Supernatural Sandwiches--Barrio Logan

Got turned on to this place following a write up in Thrillist. Glad I did...kind of a 'speakeasy' sandwich outfit that switches locations during the week in Barrio Logan. They specialize in seafood sandwiches that are quite good. I had their signature Neptune, which consisted of bay scallops with bacon bits served on a brioche bread from Bread and Cie and topped with an aioli sauce....quite good. They've got other sandwiches with crabmeat and other seafood and it is reasonably priced. The location today was next to Cafe Virtuoso on National Avenue. Will go back again.

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  1. Seafood sandwiches on brioche...awesome Chev!

    1. Highly recommended by Tommy Gomes, the chief cheerleader at Catalina Offshore.

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        Oh, well then you know it MUST be good....; )

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          Here is more information with menu and locations from their website:

        2. I'll have to give Supernatural Sandwiches a try next time I'm down in Barrio Logan. I also want to try Crabcakes 911 which is a new local food truck specializing in crab cakes and all things crustacean & shell fish. It's all sold out of an old fire truck which has been converted to a mobile food truck.

          I also want to try the Mastiff Sausage Company which is another new food truck but this one makes their own sausages and cured meats selling them in sandwiches to people in north county.