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Mar 21, 2013 03:05 PM

Japanese Italian restaurant Tokyo

Does anyone know of any good Italian restaurant with Japanese influence? I am trying to go for a Sunday lunch and ristorante Aso and Argento Aso told me they are fully booked for my dates. Any recs would be great. Thank!

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  1. Ristorante Honda would be a good bet.

    1. So, for what it's worth, I'm an actual Italian living in Tokyo. My favorite Italian with Japanese influences changes a bit from time to time, but right now it is Cucina 13 Aprile in Nishi Azabu (it is next door to Butagumi, definitely still in business, to reference an earlier thread). Not sure if they do Sunday lunch, but highly recommend. I think Robbie Swinnerton did an English review in the Japan Times a year or so ago.

      I just checked and they are closed on Sundays. My #2, La Brianza in Azabu Juban, is also closed on Sunday! Italian influences apparently extend to vestigial Catholic-inspired days of rest. And so, I am useless for answering this question.

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        Thanks for the recs VCB133. It is hard to find restaurants open on Sunday not just italian. Will stick with ristorante honda for now. :)

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          VCB133 - What is your view on Casa Vinitalia?

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            Aso -- sorry for the delay in replying. I like Casa Vinitalia, but I should note it has been almost 3 years since the last time I ate there (I went several times in the first years I was in Tokyo, for work and for pleasure). I thought it was uniformly well done food. I like the seating, which was almost amusingly formal (comfortable chairs, small rooms, etc). Enough creativity here and there. Hopefully it hasn't changed -- I have been thinking I should go back soon, as I pass it almost every day on my way home from work!

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              hello aso
              its been 3 years and the YEN has gradually depreciated to favourable levels from the last time we spoke when we met at aroma fresca..
              just wondering, aroma fresca is now casa vinitalia or ???

              1. re: Lucil

                As always, I may be wrong. But my memory is that the space in Azabu Juban used to be Aroma Fresca and Casa Vinitalia, side by side. And then Casa Vinitalia expanded into the whole floor, maybe 2.5 or 3 years ago? Same ownership, I think. Now with all this Casa Vinitalia discussion, I just made a reservation for later this month, so I can report back!

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                  Do you have any opinion on Biodinamico, Sala Amabile, or Bvlgari ristorante? Ristorante Honda was fully booked. Still looking for a good Italian contemporary restaurant that's open Sunday lunch.

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                    Bulgari is fantastic - very creative cooking, top-grade ingredients, and a lovely dining room. (And excellent service.)

          2. I ate at the intimate and cozy 1* Piatto Suzuki and enjoyed their modernistic Japanese approach to Italian food.

            Actually, for lunch, I found the 'El Cheapo' Trattoria- La Boheme a most interesting and acceptable choice. Nothing fancy but their food is pretty damn good for the price! In fact, their Spaghetti Con Vongole is one of the best tasting rendition I have experienced even when compared to those in Italy!! Thin crust pizzas mighty fine too!