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Mar 21, 2013 02:24 PM

Special Dinner for 21 Yr Old?

Where would you celebrate a young woman turning 21 who has a sophisticated palate and has grown up dining out very, very well thanks to chowish parents - food and cocktails need to be tasty and service smooth but not necessarily high end and formal (e.g., Menton is over the top in this case) - any thoughts on Legal Harborside 2nd Floor vs. Mamma Maria vs. Mistral these days? Other options? It will be a party of four. There is time to make a reservation in advance.

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  1. I would trust an occasion like this to the team in Kenmore Square that operates Island Creek Oyster Bar, Eastern Standard and The Hawthorne.

    Begin with an appetizer and cocktail at The Hawthorne and then move left or right depending on your choice of brasserie food or seafood.

    I'm sure if you call them directly, explain the occasion, they could create an evening she will never forget.


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      How about dinner at the bar of Craigie on Main?

      Edited: Apologies, didn't see the party of four part. What about dinner at TW Food?

    2. Mistral is still excellent. Thiking of what you were describing, and if Mistral is something that could work, similar places I would suggest are: Craigie on Main, Oleana, West Bridge.

      In Boston, Boston Chops just opened and was a great expereience, Erbaluce, Bistro du Midi in the Back Bay. Mare or Prezza in the North End are solid if you wanted to venture to that area.

      Boston Zest's suggestions are very good too with the three mentioned. Hotel Commonwealth would be happy to have you on their team!

      1. I might try something "younger and hipper" for her: StripT's, Sycamore, Puritan, Catalyst come to mind - maybe start at the Belly Bar and move on to Catalyst or West Bridge.

        1. I'm a big fan of legal harborside..floor 2 is fine dining with great service and great food. Obviously I would only choose here if she is a seafood lover. They have a great wine and cocktail list as well. My wife's favorite is the cucumber gimlet and it is delicious. Ask for a window side table when you make a reservation and the view is very nice at night.

          1. If this 21 year old is anything like me, they will find the second floor of Legal Harborside utterly boring. I would suggest following the lead of teezeetoo or BostonZest and doing one of the fun Cambridge spots (West Bridge or Puritan) or the Kenmore trio of (ICOB, ES and The Hawthorne). Another option, is a trip to Fort Point with a stop at Drink for cocktails and then dinner at Tavern Road.