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Mar 21, 2013 01:44 PM

Lemongrass,Black Vinegar, and Curry Leaves?

Looking for more recipes using these ingredients, can anyone help me out with this? Love to use more recipes with these ingredients. The ingredients don't have to go together all on one dish, can be used separately.
Thanks Everyone! :-)

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    I use black vinegar for ribs, this is one recipe I can offer quickly. The sweet and sour lends itself beautifully.
    some CH suggestions for curry leaves

    and lemongrass, great in soups, flavoring broth, added to stir fry and steeped in tea. I often use lemongrass stalks as a tea stirrer.

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      I've also seen lemongrass used in place of a skewer before in a Thai inspired kabob.

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        Sure as long as the lemongrass is soaked in water for a time and can hold up to a grill, sounds great!

    2. Thanks so much HillJ, I'm going to check out your recommendations. I sure appreciate your help. :0)!

      1. Come on peeps...I know some of you have some more ideas for me, please share. Thanks to all those who did send me ideas, love them all. I will try them all.

        1. I've used lemongrass in Vietnamese/Thai/Cambodian stews because I have a happy big brush of it outside my back door, and chicken skewers and thin-sliced pork chops are marinated with finely-chopped lemongrass before grilling. Yum!
          Black vinegars seem to vary a lot. I like CHINKIANG VINEGAR more than KOON CHUN brand black vinegar. It might appear if you searched for Asian sweet and sour sauce where black vinegar often is used to balance sweetness/sugar.
          Curry leaves: I judge Indian/Pakistani recipes, fairly or unfairly, by the length of the spice list. THE LONGER, THE BETTER. By the time I run across curry leaves, I'm probably convinced it is worth saving. Search a site by recipe ingredient and see what comes up for curry leaves. If it sounds good, DO IT, then report back please.
          Sorry to have taken so long to reply.

          1. Besides adding lemongrass to stir-fries, marinades and curries, I will bruise a branch (or use the tough yet fragrant outer layers) and add it to a water bottle in the fridge overnight. I will also chuck it into a pot of rice or other grain as it steams to gently infuse the citrusy flavor.

            I've only used the Chinkiang style black vinegar, but I like it in dipping sauce for dumplings and I've used it as a sub for both balsamic vinegar (in dishes where that isn't the dominant flavor) and worchestchire. IMO it works really well as a boost to dishes that are missing that indistinguishable little something since it has some acid and some umami notes.