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Mar 21, 2013 01:16 PM

Okay Ill try again [Kansas City, Mo & St. Louis]

We are going to be going to KC, MO in May. We'll stop over in STL both going and coming back. The B&B we are staying at in Independence does not do dinner and we are going to need some Wed & Thurs. in Independence, Lee's Summit or KC. Most of what I have been able to find are at best mediocre chain places. Would welcome some STL suggestions too. We will be staying downtown.


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  1. First suggestion: Post again, but this time, put the city you want recommendations for in the subject line. As for St. Louis, it would be useful to have some idea what you are looking for. How far are you willing to venture from downtown? What kind of cuisine are you seeking? Do you want lunch, dinner, breakfast? Are you concerned about cost? Dietary restrictions? People are pretty responsive on this board if they see their city in the subject line.

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      Well I got no response when asking about Independence. We are not fussy, just like well prepared food. None of that "when you are made a big mistake!" chain sort of stuff. We are open tp all suggestions.

    2. Kansas City has become a major foodie destination. I've never been there but sometimes I read this blog by a big KC booster and I drool.

      1. I live in Lee's Summit and it is loaded with chain restaurants. Here are the places we go to if we do not want to leave the Independence/Lee's Summit area:
        Ophelia's is on the square in downtown Independence. Probably the only upscale restaurant I have eaten at in Independence that I would recommend. Very good food that is attractively plated. Make a reservation because they look at you confused if you just walk in (even if they have tables). The waitstaff always seems young and unsophisticated, but the decor in the restaurant is lovely and they have some decent wine.

        Garozzo's in Lee's Summit on 291. Garozzo's is a local chain with maybe 4-5 locations all over the metro. The bistecca modiga is wonderful - it is a different way to serve steak but it is always tender and delicious. They are also known for their spiedini.

        We also go to the Hereford House in Independence which is attached to the Hilton Garden Inn off of I-70. Another local chain (sorry, I am doing my best) - good steak, prime rib, salmon. I usually get the bacon-wrapped shrimp.

        Finally, not terribly far from Lee's Summit or Independence is LC's bbq - I love their burnt ends so much that I feel any visitor to KC must try them. I may have just started yet another barbecue discussion, but do not be put off by the location - LC's is great bb. Get take out.

        1. Candy, the Italian neighborhood known as "The Hill" in St. Louis can be fun. I've eaten in a couple of the restaurants but my favorite meals by far have been had at the Italian grocery/delis. Once we came prepared for a picnic with wine, opener, and throwaway glasses. Ordered sliced meats, cheeses, olive salad, and a nice loaf of bread. Parked ourselves at the picnic table right outside the front door and enjoyed a delightful meal. A short walk to one of the Italian bakeries will leave you happy and with a treat to take in the car with you.

          I understand this may not be what you have in mind but just in case...

          1. Will you be in St. Louis for lunches or dinners? Where are you coming FROM (if you're from Chicago, for example, there is no point in us recommending a Mexican place)? If money is no object, you can't go wrong with Tony's in St. Louis----be sure to make reservations, and order the lobster albanello. If that's out of your price range, how about Nepalese/Indian/Korean at Everest Cafe? Lots of places on the Hill for Italian----Amaghetti's is a long-time favorite for lunch. Get the Amighetti special (sandwich) and sit in the courtyard. Or head over to Lafayette Square----we ate at Square One and loved the beer cheese soup.
            So many wonderful choices.....