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Mar 21, 2013 01:06 PM

Bozeman food scene

Anything new & good on the Bozeman restaurant scene since we were last in the area back in August? Quality ingredients, presentation imperative, price is not a consideration.
MY S/O still refers to Spanish Peaks in Bozeman tho` its been gone for years now. We did have some great dinners there but I thought it was somewhat inconsistent. My wife loved it! Dining on the patio was kinda` nice,

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  1. there's not much new since your last trip. new Thai restaurant which is hit or miss, so you could miss... the penultimate Thai to open here (and only other Thai) is Sweet Chili, which is more consistent, but less traditional. there's a Pho place which doesn't measure up to good pho in other cities. a whiskey bar just had a soft opening, and haven't been yet.

    i will say that for all my years here, and dinners at The Mint in Belgrade, i was always underwhelmed - until last summer. it's now at the top of my list. your visit may very well coincide with the availability of morels, so be sure to ask if they've got some if/when you book.

    there's a new pizzeria north of town, Campagna. the flavor was good, mostly because i detected truffle oil, but it's the oddest (read: not great) dough ever. not a single air pocket anywhere, which was odd considering it's wood-fired oven.

    i did revisit Blackbird not long ago, and the novelty had worn off since its early days. people do seem to like it. i could take a pass.

    not a glowing report, but it's just still not a glowing town for food.

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      Thanks for your response! We can never quite figure just why Bozeman isn`t a "foodie" city. Would have thought with the influx of Californians over the years Bozeman would have more to offer.
      Guess on our next vist this summer we`ll continue to shop at Community Foods & make most of our meals in our studio suite at the Marriott.
      Will give The Mint a this an actual restaurant?
      Have you tried Sinclair`s bakery yet. If so, what`s your review?

      1. re: rancher rick

        There's a new bakery on N Rouse that I did patronize not long ago, just opened, and it's good. I looked up Sinclair and don't see anything about a "bakery" just a cart and catering?

        The Mint is a true restaurant, request a booth in the dining room when you book, is my rec. Two rooms, one has the bar.

        If you're sourcing things to cook at home, there are places that I would go before the Co-op, BUT, I will add that when this vegetarian cooks beef for friends I get the grass-fed from Challis, ID at the Co-op. I don't think anyone else around here has comparable meat. The most consistent and well-stocked fresh produce, I think, is found at Rosauer's.

        1. re: holdthecow

          Many thanks once again for your reply.
          Will check out that new bakery on N. Rouse. Mark Sinclair is selling his products at this point at the Farmer`s Market which you likely know already. No "bricks`n`mortar" yet!
          I have tried the grass fed beef from Idaho, I`m sure you`re referencing Alder Springs Ranch. I wasn`t all that knocked out with my steak but to be fair, I`m not about to reach a verdict based on one sampling. My wife & I raise grass fed cattle here so we are very familiar with "grass fed".
          We have picked up produce at Rosauer`s & yes, it`s good. I guess we tend to buy mostly at Co-op as we like the "vibe" there & quality seems good.
          Will check out The Mint in Belgrade.....we are always "adventurous"!
          Has Spring arrived in Bozeman yet? We are in southern Alberta, about 4 hrs north of the Mt border. We`ve had a number of "teaser days".....yesterday was 65 & sunny, today it`s snowing!

          1. re: rancher rick

            Exactly, Alder Spring. People are also quite fond of the bacon from the Meat Shoppe on Rouse (we like to pronounce it the Meat Shop-ee.) The Co-op also carries some good Big Timber, MT meats.

            I've been a co-op member for 13+ years but just never think about it. Your reference earlier to the Californication of Bzn and the surprising lack of restos sums up the Co-op for me ; )

            Don't forget about Joe's Market on College - good sampling of everything and anything, but mind you, although there's indubitably Bzn's best cheese selections, the packaging is pricey for very small pieces. That being said, Joe's has everything, incl decent wine.

            My fave place for wine is Montana Spirits on Oak - the guys there (it is all guys) are terrific, and so is the selection.

            We've had glorious days for the past week. A big difference from last year when the lilacs didn't bloom until mid-May! The rain is on its way.

            1. re: holdthecow

              Just the kind of stuff we want to hear.....thanks!
              didn`t know about Joe`s Market so will definitely give that a try....also Montana Spirits too. We do appreciate good wine.
              We have a quick last minute "getaway" trip planned for Kalispell for the wkend. Will be in Bzn a few tmes this summer.... we will be going to RedAntsPants again(year 3 for us!).
              Have a great wkend!

            2. re: rancher rick

              Did you get to try Mark Sinclair's products last year? We were lucky enough to have him here in the Flathead for awhile, and I can tell you, this Francophile-pastry school grad was SHOCKED that we finally had such quality available to us here. Am so sad he moved. Sniff sniff. :(

      2. Meh, I dunno. The Montana Ale Works is good place, IF you can get a table. I went there 3 times, but was only able to get a table once.

        Here's my scoop on Bozeman over at Yelp. Leaf and Bean and the Crystal Bar were great.

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