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Mar 21, 2013 12:50 PM

latest food network magazine has 5 flourless cake recipes

it's great that food network magazine has 5 flourless cake recipes in this month's issue. Would it kill them to mention the reason why they challenged chefs to come up with a recipe is because of Passover? The print version does not mention it while the online blog site (link below) does. The recipes are not strictly kosher for passover but close enough.

Recipes are:
Flourless Carrot Bundt Cake
Matzo Red Velvet Cake (pictured above)
Flourless Chocolate Torte
Lemon-Coconut Matzo Jelly Roll
Hazelnut-Mocha Dacquoise

Read more at:

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  1. I see nothing that isn't kosher for Passover. What are you referring to that isn't?

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    1. re: queenscook

      i feel slighted that it is not in the main article a little information about Passover and why they challenged the chefs to bake without flour. It would be nice since many people do celebrate Passover like they do on the blog. I did notice the little blurb on the left later/. I'd love to see Uri Scheft's recipes. on a different note, is his new bakery in NYC kosher?

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        But if the audience is many people who celebrate Passover they already know this.

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          Nice blurb. Even mentions the dairy which I thought was respectful. The carrot cake looks delicious and is not gebrukts. A plus for us. The chocolate cake was disappointing because it is so very typical. I think the FN magazine is head and veal shoulders above the rest of the foodie mag pack. FYI, the new Food and Wine has a beautiful nectarine pavlova that is, by nature, kosher for passover, but you have to leave out or replace the cornstarch. very pretty looking with a meringue base.

          1. re: cappucino

            I think we should all write letters/emails to FN Magazine expressing our "hakarat hatov" for including Jewish holiday cooking. Remember, they are a national magazine...many portions of the country have no clue what Passover is....

            1. re: DebbyT

              I've written letters to several magazines before. One magazine had pages and pages about Xmas food and one short blurb about how to make latkes from frozen hash browns. Most magazines are trying to appeal to the masses...maybe they just don't care. The letters I've received in response are along the lines of "we try to satisfy everyone but we only have so much space to print..."

              That being said.. I want to make the carrot cake!

      2. Not sure I understand. Are you upset because your feel it is a slight against Jews/Passover for not mentioning that in the magazine? Do you feel the editors should have made more of that fact (kosher for passover) or they should have included the blog article?

        1. It might just be the timing of such things; in print vs the flexibility to align with Passover online via an active blog. Intended or not, blog info is often fresher information or expanded info from the magazine pages because deadlines are very different for each- also, so that the magazine and blog readership don't mirror each other too much canceling either out as information in their own right.

          I'm sorry you felt a bit slighted but the link and article is really wonderful information on flourless baking so thank you for sharing it!

          1. I've never seen food coloring for pesach (red velvet cake). There are a few others. A few pesachs ago, I wrote them about their recipes for pesach, as many were not kosher for pesach for those who ate kitniot or otherwise. I wonder if ground almonds will work for the "almond flour" in the carrot cake. Any thoughts?

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            1. re: moinnj

              All almond flour is is ground almonds. It's ground very fine, but there's nothing else in it.

            2. If you look at the picture on the left-hand page, there is a blurb saying that these cakes would be good for Passover.