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Mar 21, 2013 12:17 PM

Weekend Food Market near Homestead..fresh foods, Mexican prepared foods???

I read this report, linked below, but have not found much more info on this market. I would like to take the drive south (from Boynton/Delray area) this Sunday, in search of good prepared food, interesting fresh fruits and veg, and a generally food-centric day.

Anyone who has visited this market, or who can recommend nearby alternatives, please respond!!!

Recommendations for great Mexican food in the area, either at this market or at a nearby restaurant, are very much welcome. Language is not a barrier, nor is a no-frills atmosphere.

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  1. Here's what you do.....Drive south on Florida's the very end....where it dumps off on to US1 in Florida City......Make your very first right (Starbucks & Shell Gas).....Go 1/3 of a mile....and stop at Rosita's (on your left hand side / 2-story building).....and eat AUTHENTIC MEXICAN FOOD.....Home cooking.....Not flashy....but real.....The barbacoa is OUTSTANDING.....THEN....head west....through town....and go to "ROBERT IS HERE"....The best fruitstand in the area.....All kinds of tropical fruits and veggies.....Have a KEY LIME milkshake!!!.....Or choose from dozens of others.....

    This is the the way......

    Ft. Pierce, FL

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    1. re: LargeLife

      Thanks. I've been to Roberts, which is cute, but could not stand the long lines. They did have a wide rage of fruits but prices were on the high side, but again I was there in early JAnuary when perhaps not al offerings were local..

      Can we hear more about the offerings at Rositas? Any particular style of Mexican? Anything recommended on their menu? What are the barbacoa specials on the weekends? (I've been longing to find good barbacoa de borrego since a too-long ago stint in Amecameca!!) Any rumor of this dish will send me running this Sunday!!

      What about the stands inside the market?

      Any other recs for great street food, ambulatory vendors, restaurants with great weekend specials? Anyplace in the vicinity of Homestead....

      Am I on the right track for the Redlands market...not much info on this that I find...(???)

      Suspect much of the produce is from the big not looking for esoteric varieties of spigarello broccoli (not that I would turn it down!!)...more seeking local ambience....

      Help me make the most of a trek to the south..I will report any and all findings!!

      1. re: erica

        Isn't there some sort of seafood market that has a small restaurant attached or something... off the turnpike somewhere below Kendall?

        Not my area - but I seem to remember reading something similar - perhaps here on CH - and thinking would be cool to try some day.

        1. re: CFByrne

          Golden Rule Seafood Market
          17505 S Dixie Hwy
          West Perrine, FL 33157
          (305) 235-0661

        2. re: erica

          Four of took the ride south yesterday, a Sunday. The market has a great atmosphere and one could almost, with some stretch of the imagination, imagine that you were in a local market south of our border. The fresh produce seems to be concentrated in one, covered building, which is the only building we had time to visit. It is labeled as "Farmer's Market")

          While there are some rather unusual tropical fruits and vegetables (stacks of nopales, for example), the selection was not enough to make the long drive worthwhile for us. Prices were on a par with those at The Boys in Delray (papaya; $1 per pound; Ataulfo mangoes, $1 per piece; I had not seen these yet this season; field tomatoes, $1 per pound but not appealing in appearance). Good selection of peppers.

          Dried peppers and spices were in good supply and seemed well priced; as were bunches of cilantro, epazote, etc.

          I stumbled upon a very amiable Central American vendor of cheeses..bought some excellent queso fresco; she also had panela and quite a few cheeses, along with a type of tamale stuffed with cheese that I am kicking myself for not sampling. There were other vendors that looked interesting at quick glance, and undoubtedly there are treasures here waiting to be discovered, but we were pressed for time and our friends seemed uneasy about the sampling the prepared foods, which I would have liked to try.

          Several vendors of aguas frescas in the usual flavors, from horchata to sandia, tamarindo, jamaica (also say many vendors selling the dried jamaica, which I believe are known here in English as hibiscus flowers). Good value aguas at $1 for a large cup.

          From there we drove the few miles south along Rte 1 to Rositas. While we had a good enough meal, I was slightly disappointed, as there was no real barbacoa..just a stewed meat (beef) that while tasty, will not please anyone who has spent considerable time in Mexico. They do not seem to offer pork of any kind, so no carnitas, and no real barbecue of any kind, as mentioned. Having said that, what we had was tasty, if not memorable in any way. Those who have lived in Mexico, or spent time there eating around, may not find much to enthuse about.

          We ordered chimchangas, which were the surprise hit of the meal, along with tacos de barbacoa, enchiladas, and sopes de chorizo con papa. Red salsa contains canned ingredients and was only fair.

          Beer only; good selection of about 7 or the usual brands from Tecate and Cornona to the USA brands.

          Service was very friendly. Server fluent in English. The place is plain; typical family style working class eatery; good a/c a plus on the hot afternoon. Rest room clean enough.

          The place neighbors a hostel, which shares the parking lot, and there were a few tables of young tourists, along with a couple of Latin-American families in the dining room when we were there on a Sunday afternoon. Price is very fair; under $40 for four people with one beer. They also serve Jarritos (Mexican soda made with cane syrup) and fruit aguas.

          Nice place, homey feel; good spot to stop if you are passing through en route to The Keys or are in the area.

      2. I don't know much about the market that you mentioned, but if you're going down that way, I'd hit up Taqueria Morelia over Rosita's. I like Rosita's just fine, but the tacos or tortas de suadero at Morelia are great, as are the ceviche tostadas.

        1. Burr's Berry Market
          12741 SW 216th St
          Miami, FL 33170
          (305) 251-0145

          Mon-Sun 9 am - 5:30 pm

          Redland Farmers Market/Bargain Town Flea Market
          24420 S. Dixie Hwy
          Homestead, FL 33032
          (305) 257-4335
          Sat-Sun 7 am - 5 pm

          Puerto Vallarta
          24811 S Dixie Hwy
          Homestead, FL 33032
          (305) 257-5012

          Mexican seafood

          R.F. Orchids, Inc. (Nursery)
          28100 SW 182 Ave.
          Homestead FL 33030-1804
          Telephone: 305-245-4570
          Garden tours are at 11am and 3pm, Saturdays and Sundays

          Mexico Market
          407 Park Place, Homestead FL. 33030,
          9 AM to 8 PM daily.
          Mexican Grocery few blocks from La Michoacana

          La Michoacana
          334 Washington Ave
          Homestead, FL 33030
          (786) 243-1138

          Delicious Mexican paletas

          1. I've been there a hundred times. We call it Bargain Town It is an old fashioned Swap Meet with the farmer's market spruced up a bit over the years. There are plenty of places to eat authentic regional Mexican foods, and the vendors change each few years. Last time I ate Tacos from Queretaro. Before that Tampico.

            1. Responding to Erica's post.....about Rosita's.....The only thing that I will say is that Homestead's Mexican restaurants vary......And I'm thinking that's because Mexico is a large country.....and food differs from one region to another......

              I don't know your experiences in Mexico......but food differs from place to place.....I've been to Colombia and Ecuador over 50 times (combined) and food differs from region to region.....down there.....

              Rosita's just happens to be my favorite....It's good, honest and reliable Mexican food.....Each Mexican restaurant has a different take on barbacoa......Which version I happen to like may not be the same at the other establishmenst.......

              I think you were fair in your assessment of Rosita's......I just know the place stays awfully busy.....The Hostel next door helps sure....But local folks have a nice selection of Mexican restaurants to choose from.....and me....choose Rosita's....My second favorite is NicaMex which is also very, very good.....Far down the list would be El Toro and Casita Tejas.....

              Ft. Pierce, FL
              (Born & Raised in Homestead / Family there since 1904)