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Mar 21, 2013 12:11 PM

Dinner for 15 that won't break the bank?

We are celebrating our nephews 21st birthday at the Encore in June and want to host a fun but delicious dinner for a group of 15 from all over the country.

Private room would be fun but not necessary. It would help if we didn't have to all hop in a cab and need the $$ not to be over the top.

Any ideas?

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  1. What type of cuisine? How much are you lookingvto spend per person? Private rooms in Las Vegas are very expensive and usually require a minimum that starts in the mid four figures.

    1. If you aren't worried about "fine dining" you may consider Maggiano's Little Italy across the street from Encore in the Fashion Show mall. They serve family style, the food has always been solid (not gourmet). You could easily get out of there for less than $50/pp including tax and tip - depending on alcohol. No cab needed!

      They have a private banquet room, but think it would may be cost prohibitive for only 15 folks.

      Here's the link:

      1. Agreed, a few more details would help us a lot.

        1. Thank you.
          Not worried about fine dining and a realistically, a private room will be too much $$.
          But.......quality cuisine and fun atmosphere is key. Hosts are from NYC and know the difference between good food and an overblown celebrity chef "walk on" or "chain restaurant" venue.
          Italian might be the best value since it lends to family style serving? Asian is not preferred. I thought Lotus of Siam but location might be too much off the beaten path in it's strip mall surroundings.
          Taxis are OK if the location is right.

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            Well if taxis are OK, Lotus of Siam is only about 1 mile East of the Strip - so it's neither a long nor an expensive ride. Once you're inside the restaurant, who cares where you are as long as the food is great quality and value?

            1. re: kagemusha49

              Rentals are cheap. I rented a car from AVIS for 2 days while my truck was in the shop. Cost? $56.11 total. Probably less than the cab ride for 15 will be.

          2. There is a Buca Di Beppo at the Excalibur.