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Mar 21, 2013 11:54 AM

Thai "oli" salad?

I'm just back from a trip to Thailand. One of the standout dishes was a sort of salad of mixed chopped up ingredients, fairly dry, that we spooned into betelnut leaves, rolled up and ate with our fingers. Ingredients included young lemongrass shoots finely sliced up, dried bits of fish, lime juice, perhaps toasted coconut, and other things I couldn't identify. It was delicious in all the ways good Thai food can so often be: sour, faintly sweet, pungent, crunchy, citrusy, both amazingly complex and deeply harmonized. When I asked what the dish was called I was given the term "oli salad." The first word sounded exactly like the English word "holy" without the H, as far as I could ascertain. This was nothing like a standard green papaya or mango som tam salad.

Anyone know anything more about this dish? I'm finding nothing via google.

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  1. I believe you're talking about Mieng Kham (aka Thai Leaf-Wrapped Snack).

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      Thank you! I'll try searching for that name.