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Mar 21, 2013 11:53 AM

Good brand of miso paste?

I am planning to go H Mart this afternoon to pick up some produce, but thought that it'd be a good idea to pick up miso paste for the many miso recipes I've accumulated on Pinterest. I'm sure that there will be quite the selection, is there a particular brand that you recommend?

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  1. SF Bay Area, I used to purchase plastics tub of miso, all of my local Asian markets carried it, went to a new upscale Japanese market, they carried many more varieties than my usual tub. I asked a clerk for a recommendation, he recommended a $12 brand vs the $3 brand I used to buy.

    My uses are soup, salad dressings, fish seasonings . I noticed a difference, mild vs sharp for a year or so. I think miso changes as it ages, I think I can adjust things to my taste.

    The expensive brand was mild compared to the inexpensive brand.

    1. Miso Masters was the first American company to produce traditional Japanese style miso. I've toured their facility and it was fascinating! I've been very happy with their products.

      1. My only suggestion would be to go for a "white" or "yellow" paste rather than a "red" or darker one. The darker ones can be too intense for all recipes; the lighter ones tend to be more multipurpose. Unless of course you want to buy one of both & "taste test". ;)

        1. On a semi-related note, for years I've been looking for a low(er?) sodium miso. I understand the production process, and what the product actually is, so I suspect that such just doesn't exist.

          That being understood, has anyone come up with a low sodium "miso like" product?

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            Saikyo miso has much less salt in it than regular miso.

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              Thanks for the information. I'll have to locate some and give it a try.

          2. Marukome miso is the most widespread in Japan and they have quite a few versions of it here in the U.S. that I have seen too.