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Mar 21, 2013 11:49 AM

Need a quick cheese rec

Made a big batch of masa this morning and decided to make a dozen of my husband's preferred vegetarian variety too. He likes just peppers and cheese. I typically use roasted peppers and pepper jack cheese, the flavor is good, but the texture of the jack is sometimes just...chewy. What other cheeses would work that melt better? I can add heat with jalapeño or even cayenne to compensate for the spice in pepper jack. Any recs really appreciated.

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  1. Fontina is the best mild melting cheese I know of. You might also try mixing a little cream cheese into your jack cheese for a smoother result.

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      Bless your heart. Fontina is a great idea. I would never have thought of using some cream cheese. I think I'll try both! :-D

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        +1 on the fontina, or fontinella, as I've seen that in stores as well. You may want to check out any threads on grilled cheese sandwiches for melting recs.

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          I can't remember the last time I used Fontina and I don't know why. Just get in a rut I guess. And the grilled cheese idea is good. Now I'm craving a sandwich for lunch now!

      2. What kind of roasted peppers are you using? I like roasted poblanos in my tamale - they add some heat as well as great flavor.

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          Usually use Anaheims which have no heat or sometimes have used sweet peppers as you don't even have to worry about skins. I will get some poblanos when I pick up the cheese today. Thanks.

        2. I'm at the beauty salon and hairdresser just said she adds a little cream cheese and sour cream both. Hmmm

          1. The traditional application where I grew up would be a strip of queso fresco and a strip of roasted jalapeño chile. Or if that's too spicy, a poblano chile. The objective is to NOT melt the cheese so you have something to bite into. Queso fresco will not melt into the masa and maintains its integrity.