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Mar 21, 2013 11:45 AM

Kosher Deli in east Queens.

Where are all the the Mom and Pop kosher delis? I have been living in Suffolk for a while and much has changed. Western Nassau would be ok even though that is slightly out of the title's scope. I tend to shy from chains, trying to support the little guy. Any recommendations would be great!

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  1. Have you tried Pastrami N Friends in Commack? Good quality and real nice people. Commack Road near Jericho.
    Deli King in Lake Success (haven't been there in a couple of years) was always solid. Ben's Best (not the Ben's chain) on QB in Rego Park is also very good.
    Regards, JK

      1. re: CCSPRINGS

        If you go to Deli KIng you may be the only one there. For some reason it's very depressing . The food is okay. Closer to Queens is the Kensington Deli in Great Neck. It's good, but very small. Better for takeout.

        1. re: lenorel57

          Kensington Deli, few places I have disliked more. Do they actually cook anything? Last time I was there everything either came out of a Hebrew National bag or from a huge plastic tub. They don't even have real plates or silverware, everything was plastic. At Deli King the chicken in a pot is a favorite in my family and while the meats come out of bags as well, they do cook other food and have all the Ashkenazi classics. I fill the deli meat craving in the city or at Ben's Best. I am curious, has Kensington Deli changed?

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            I was passing on a recommendation I received. I guess I shouldn't do that. I haven't been there in a longtime.

            Is Ben's still in Bay Terrace in Bayside? I don't think that's the best either; but it is a kosher deli.

            1. re: lenorel57

              Ben's in Bay Terrace is still there. They are always an option.

          2. re: lenorel57

            they get a lot of lij vicinity traffic at deli king, lots of doc offices in area, lunch time can be busy there and early bird dinner, lots of elderly couples eating there--their stuffed cabbage is good, matzoh ball soup used to be good, but their balls are too hard not fluffy enough for me--their cabbage soup is good though--good coleslaw, and pastrami is good--like their french fries also--they get their knishes from knishnosh on queens blvd---there is also the place in long beach, name is not coming to my mind at the moment....ben's in rego park, i can't stand...

            1. re: janie

              Janie, are you thinking of Lido Kosher Deli? It fills a need on the way back from the beach. Just a guess but is Ben's Best to grimey for you, is that the reason for your dislike of the place?

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                yes!, Ben's--yes, and I don't like their food or attitudes...however, I will say that i've had their catered platters at others offices or homes, and they are quite good!

        2. 2nd deli king in new hyde park, although the bagel place there is awful in the same shopping center...--if you go there ,check out the improved iavorone, much enlarged, bigger selection...

          1. LOVE the pastrami on rye at Ben's Best on Queen's Blvd near 63rd Drive in Rego Park.

            1. go for the corned beef at Ben's Best, if you go - as opposed to pastrami.