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Mar 21, 2013 11:26 AM

where to find passion fruit puree?

I am trying to find some passion fruit puree (I think it usually comes frozen) or ripe passion fruits. I've called Cardullo's, Dave's Fresh Pasta, and Formaggio Kitchen with no luck. Any ideas?

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  1. Per itaunas' reply to this similar request from a few days ago, it looks like you should be able to find frozen puree at any Brazilian market in the Boston area.

    Other posters mentioned finding fresh passion fruit at Russo's.

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      Ah, just spotted this, thanks. I hope there's not a run on passion fruit!

      1. re: Allstonian

        Sounds like my wording was not exact enough. I have only found the Brazilian imported puree at Brazilian markets, but its a subset of those -- mostly supermarkets and butchers. Worth seeking out. La Fe or Goya (and sometimes a Columbian brand) are available at many bodegas with a freezer and larger supermarkets in an areas with latinos (including SS, DeMoulas, Shaws and more). Almost all Brazilian markets with food have the juice concentrate in bottles.

      2. Actually, the Somerville and Chelsea Market Baskets always seem to have it in the freezer case (the La Fe brand, I believe). Just picked some up recently for use in some shakes.