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Mar 21, 2013 11:20 AM

Great Australian red wine that I can have sent to a friend in Australia?

An Australian friend of mine will be having a birthday soon, and I am thinking it would be nice to send him a very nice bottle of wine. Anyone have any recommendations? Bonus points for a wine that you know will let me buy from here and have sent to him. Oh, and one more slightly sticky point - he has a PO box address. I don't know if these are the same in Oz as they are here, so not sure if they will allow this or not. Thanks very much for any suggestions, info you can give me.

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  1. My concern with a PO box is that the wine could sit in a really hot mail office until picked up. Try googling and E-Mailing some Aussie vintners and ask about shipping. They will know about local rules and should be able to advise.

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      Thanks budnball. I'm hoping to do that, just sort of wanting to know who is worth emailing. I know we've had some great Aussie wines, but usually I just drink and let my husband keep track of what they are. Unfortunately he's out of the country right now. Pfffft.

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        Our favorite BIG Aussie Red is Mollydooker Velvet Glove. If you are looking for something below that price point; Mollydooker Carnival of Love is also very good.

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          Perfect, thank you. I'll be checking them tomorrow.

    2. I think you will ahve to let him know there's a package coming so he can pick it up asap. That's what I do when I'm sending someone a gift of wine, even to their house.

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        there would be no problem with letting him know there was a gift waiting for him.

      2. For what it would cost to ship a bottle of Australian wine back to Australia, your friend could probably buy at least 2 bottles of it there. I think you need to re-work this plan...

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        1. re: Veggo

          No no, I want it shipped from Australia to an Australian address. Otherwise I'd be going California. I'm looking for a winery that, like most US wineries, will ship.

        2. BAy of Fires pinot noir is a Tasmanian wine getting all kinds of attention. Buy that and a bottle of riesling. See if the seller will take your credit card and ship it.

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            Same as I said to Philber. I really appreciate it and will be looking at the websites tomorrow. Would love to go to Tasmania someday.

          2. Great aussie red? There are so many... Try Penfolds Grange... in good years a very very consistent great shiraz.