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Mar 21, 2013 10:37 AM

Fish Torta

By way of background, I use to write post everyday but then I stopped eating meat, and well... But sometimes I find a place that is really worth a mention and that is why I am back today.

Bread is the foundation of any sandwich and this Torta has perfect thin & fresh Torta bread. The thin spread of refried beans is home made quality; real-deal like Nana use to make. In fact, the owner is so proud of these beans she brought us a small plate of them with some chips just so we could try it. The beans are excellent, chips could be better. The fish is fresh and is very lightly battered & cooked to order. In fact, I almost do not want to use the word batter because it is so thin. I have eaten at this little place at least 6 times over the last two months and everything is always consistent; am always happy when I leave. Bottom line, best fish Torta I have ever had and I eat lots of fish tacos; Tacos Baja in East L.A., Mariscos La Bucana in El Monte --the best fish taco in L.A. Co., but Roccos makes the best Fish Torta!

The fish and shrimp tacos at Roccos are also good. The salsa bar stands out and far above many because each salsa is special. There is a hot green salsa that is simply outstanding. The salsa alone is worth a trip.

Roccos Taqueria
669 Indian Hill
Pomona, CA 91767
(909) 865-4700

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  1. Glad to see you posting, JeetJet - and the fish torta sounds amazing! Any other fish (or shrimp) tortas around that you know about and could recommend? (I've gone the pescatarian route, myself, which is limiting my posting, as well.)

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      I went pescaterian for lent... it's been a challenge sometimes... surprisingly mostly with convenience foods (Hello Fresh and Easy... not every salad needs Chicken in it!) but I've never had a problem going Veg at Mexican places... Especially this season when all I have to say is "Vigilia"

      We haven't tried the torta above... (We will as my parents live near pomona!) but our current favorite is from Taqueria Los Anaya... which is not just a torta with fish in it, but the prepare it specifically as a fish torta...

      Another tasty 'fish' torta is the Shrimp Torta at Pinches Tacos....


      1. re: Dommy

        My Thanks Dommy. i will be in that area Monday and try to hav lunch there.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Please report back what you think! They have MANY options for vegetarians/pescaterians...



          1. re: Dommy

            I went there yesterday for an early lunch. First, let me sat that the chips were perfect, just like the chips I mentioned at Los Toros Meat Market in El Monte. I do think the salsa is better at Roccos Taqueria.

            As for the main topic, Fish Torta, Taqueria Los Anaya makes a very good and large Torta. Actually, I could not finish the last several bites. The one slice of fish is trick and large. Roccos Torta has about the same amount of fish but it is several thin slices. Same as Roccos the fish is Lightly battered at Los Anaya. What stood out for me was that great mixture they put on top, lots of flavor. The place is very clean inside with plenty of seating in the two dinning rooms. I ate in the raised corner room with a nice window table. Good lunch and thanks for posting.

            1. re: JeetJet

              So glad you enjoyed it! Like I said, they make the fish torta to highlight the fish. Their Asada torta is completely different... Its so refreshing to see not only such great skill... but great thought into the menu... I wish places charging 3x as much as they do paid the same attention...


              1. re: Dommy

                JeetJet, I'm not sure how often your are in Los Anaya's area, but they've told me before if I wanted the fish grilled instead of battered and fried they'd be happy to do it. JeetJet, you weren't posting around here for a while were you? Glad to see you back.

      2. re: ElsieDee

        Hi Elsie. Good to hear you are also eating better. I have lost 70 lbs. since I stopped red meat. With all this talk about the corporate devil and how they raise gmo chickens I just may go all fish also. I do not know about other fish tortas but can say that in my opinion the best Fish Taco in L.A. Co. is at,
        Mariscos La Bucana
        11016 Concert St El Monte, CA 91731
        Between Tyler Ave. and Peck Rd. – 500' East of Tyler. Across the street from El Monte High School.

        Buy only one fish taco, two is way too much food. Sometimes I still buy two and wish i did not -- too much food. This "taco" really looks more like a pie of fish on a plate -- tostada style. Ask for a fork and more napkins. Enjoy.

        1. re: ElsieDee

          Here is another good fish Torta Taqueria La Cabana, 3402 Cogswell Rd. , El Monte. also not on the menu but ask. Also try the fish tacos there.

          1. re: JeetJet

            Thanks for the reporting on El Monte fish taco joints, but how do these compare to other LA golden standards?

        2. I was in the area yesterday to pick up some artwork and gave it a try. You're right on all counts, the torta was delicious, with first-rate bread and beans. Only nitpick was that it could have used a bit more avocado and a bit less lettuce. Also, you're right about the excellent salsas and lousy chips ... next time I'm smuggling in my own.

          Still, I wonder how you found out about the fish tortas; they're not on the menu and when I asked for one the cashier looked at me like I was from Mars (or at least Pasadena) and insisted that no such thing exists. Only after a lengthy discussion with the kitchen did she concede and ring up the sale...

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          1. re: Bradbury

            Glad you liked it. I forgot to say they are not on menu but each time I have gone there they make it with no problem. I think i first noticed the long list of Tortas on the menu including one with ham and pinapple and i said "How come no fish Torta? The counter person said, "oh yeah, they are really good too." A great bag of chips to take with you anyplace is from El Toro on Peck road in El Monte. They also have some really good salsa. It is a meat market but they also sell chips and salsa; great stuff to take for a pot luck or maybe a ball game party.

            1. re: JeetJet

              I realized I made a mistake that I always make, the name of the place to buy chips at in El Monte is Los Toros Meat Market, 5225 N. Peck Rd. (626) 444-5757

              a second location is 8210 Garvey, Rosemead. 6